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The LogicLike team has collected over 500+ math problems on various topics! We provide word problems and math puzzles designed by experienced teachers. LogicLike helps children improve their math skills in a playfull way!

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Our team has created word math problems for grades 1-5! Choose your grade, learn math and have fun with LogicLike!

1st Grade Math Word Problems

In first grade, an important task for students is to learn addition and subtraction. Word problems will help them do it!
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2nd Grade Math Word Problems

In second grade children learn to add and subtract more complex numbers. We offer our own collection of word math problems for 2nd grade students to practice!
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3rd Grade Math Word Problems

In grade 3 children begin to master multiplication and division, two-step word problems, solve time and measurement problems!
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4th Grade Math Word Problems

In 4th grade, it is very important to consolidate all your knowledge from previous years and learn how to apply it to more difficult word problems!
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5th Grade Math Word Problems

In fifth grade, children begin to learn fractions, variable equations and mixed numbers. LogicLike will help them do just that!
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Children ages 5-12 enjoy the LogicLike course in a playful way. In the meantime, they learn to reason, develop their math and logical skills, and interest in knowledge.

Choose Word Problems by Topic

LogicLike has made over 13 themed picks for learning important topics in math! You can solve the best word problems for addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions and mixed numbers, and more!

Money Word Problems

Tom has 50 cents, and his mother gives him 4 quarters.
How much money does Tom have?

Sara wants to buy 14 ChocoPies. The ChocoPies cost 35 cents each.
How much money will 14 ChocoPies cost?

Michael had $9,896.00 in his checking account.
Then, he spent $3,458.00 on the account.
How much money is left in Michael's checking account?

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Mixed Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

Sam caught 4 fish in the morning. Later, he caught 1 more fish.
How many fish did Sam catch in all?

At the birthday party, there were 12 cups but 4 cups were broken.
Mom goes out and buys 10 cups.
How many cups are there after she returns?

The pirate has a chest with coins.
Inside there are 328 gold, 264 silver and 136 copper coins.
How many coins are in the chest in total?

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Multi-Step (Multiple Step) Word Problems

There were 6 yellow apples and 4 red apples on the plate. We ate 7 apples.
How many apples are left on the plate?

The clown had balloons of 3 colors, 6 pieces of each color.
He gave the kids 4 balls of 2 colors.
How many balloons does the clown have left?

Mary bought 15 pounds of strawberries at $1.68 per pound.
Marion bought 14 pounds of strawberries at $1.80 per pound.
Who paid more?

Multiplication Word Problems

Jessica saw 4 dozen doves in the park.
How many doves did Jessica see?

The chef of the restaurant prepares an omelet from 3 eggs.
If the chef has 72 omelets to make, how many eggs will he need?

Brenda's kitten weighs 3 3/5 pounds.
Oliver's dog weighs 4 times more.
How much does Oliver's dog weigh?

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Mixed Multiplication and Division Word Problems

Each crayon costs $3.00.
How much do 18 crayons cost?

A concert hall contains 6 sections of seats with the same number of seats in each section. If there are 768 seats, how many seats are in each section?

The online store has $ 21,000 to buy online ads.
If each ad costs $ 6, how many ads can an online store purchase in a month?
Is this enough to get 300 ads per month for a year?

Division Word Problems

There are 3 students in the class and 21 pens.
If the pens are divided equally among the students,
how many does each student get?

Monika earned $216 babysitting in 9 months.
She earned the same amount each month.
How much did Tina earn babysitting each month?

The toy company makes Teddy bears in two sizes - big and small.
The company produced 1,620 Teddy Bears last week.
They made 11 times more small Teddies than large ones.
How many big size toys did they make?

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Fraction Word Problems

Sarah made nine chocolate bars.
She put powdered sugar on three chocolate bars.
Which part of the bars now have powdered sugar?

Jessica had $200, 1/4 of this money she spent on cosmetics.
How much money did Jessica spend?

The perimeter of the triangle is 40 inches.
The first side is 3/10 of the perimeter,
the other is 3/2 of the first side.
What is the third side of the triangle?

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Proportion Word Problems and Worksheets

The cinema has 400 seats, 260 of which are occupied by spectators.
Express the attendance at a percent of capacity.

Molly has 45 markers. 20% of the markers write poorly.
How many markers are bad at writing?

In an exam, Shawna secured 340 marks.
If she secured 85% makes, find the maximum marks.

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Ratio Word Problems

The ratio of green and red apples in a bag is 2 : 5.
If there are only green and red apples in a bag,
what is the smallest total number of apples possible?

65 children are swimming in the pool.
There are 15 more boys than girls.
What is the ratio of boys to girls?

James gives Kathy a box of building blocks and tells her that the ratio of red blocks to total is 3 to 19. He also tells her there are 3 times as many yellow blocks as red, and that there are 2 more green than red.
What is the ratio of yellow blocks to green?

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Dividing Decimals Word Problems

Jack paid $99 for 6 pizzas.
How much did he pay per pizza?

Mark has run a total of 84.24 miles in 32.4 days of running training.
How many miles did he run on average per day?

An Olive Oil Factory made 809.9 pounds of olive oil in 6.5 minutes.
How much oil, on average, did the factory make each minute?

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Volume Word Problems

Ship container has a length of 40 feet, width 8 feet, and 9.6 feet in height.
Find the volume of the container in cubic feet.

The volume of a cylinder is 441 cubic inches. The height of the cylinder is 9 in.
Find the radius of the cylinder to the nearest tenth of an inch.

A cylindrical hole with a diameter of 8 inches is bored through a cub 10 inches on a side. Find the surface area and volume of this solid casting.

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Measurement Word Problems

Jack was 5 feet 9 inches tall last year.
He grew 7 inches in the past year.
How tall is he now?

The turkey is 18 lb 11 oz and the stuffing inside the turkey is 5 oz.
What is the total weight of the roasted turkey?

From 10g of instant coffee, 120 ml of coffee can be brewed.
In a can of instant coffee is 200 g.
How much coffee (in liters) can you make from a can?

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Age Word Problems

Mila is 5 years older than her brother, but 3 times younger than her mother.
How old is Mila and how old is her mother, if Mila's brother is 6 years old?

In 8 years, Mary will be 3 times as old as she is today.
How old is Mary today?

Felix is twice as old as his friend Greg.
Greg is 5 years older than Rachel.
In 5 years, Felix will be three times as old as Rachel.
How old is Greg now?

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