2nd Grade Math Word Problems

The LogicLike team created these word problems for grade 2. We put basic math concepts into context for second graders and make the problems fun to solve.

Addition Word Problems

The zoo has 32 Asian elephants and 29 African elephants.
How many elephants are there in all?

46 sparrows were sitting in a tree. 24 more sparrows flew up to the tree.
How many sparrows were there altogether in the tree?

John has 15 books. Luc has 29 books. How many books do they have together?

In the monkey house, there are 19 chimpanzee and 26 marmosets.
How many monkeys are there in all?

A chair costs $72, an armchair costs $119,
and a sofa costs as much as a chair and an armchair together.
How much does a sofa cost?

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Subtraction Word Problems

16 children were riding on the bus.
At the bus stop, some more children got on the bus.
Then there were 24 children altogether on the bus.
How many children got on the bus at the bus stop?

Today is dad's birthday. He is 38 years old. How old was dad 15 years ago?

A fruit seller had 83 apples. He sold 57 apples s.
How many apples did he have left?

14 parrots were sitting on a tree. Some more fly up to the tree.
Then there were 56 parrots in the tree. How many more flew up to the tree?

Mom had 32 peaches at her fruit basket.
She went to the orchard and picked peaches to stock up.
There are now 89 peaches. How many did she pick?

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Mixed Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

Tom's toy box contains 24 cars, 17 trucks and 9 motorcycles.
How many more trucks and cars are there combined than motorbikes?

Mom ordered 14 cheese and 18 peperoni pizzas for the birthday party.
The guests ate 26 pizzas. How many pizzas are left?

On Friday, 37 patients made appointments with Dr. Grace and 9 patients did not show up. Also, 3 patients came in with no appointments.
How many patients did Dr. Grace have on Friday?

Box of apples weighs 37 kg.
Box of bananas weighs 25 kg.
Box of salat weighs 13 kg.
How much heavier is fruits than salat?

Martin has 26 cards in a bag and 55 cards in a box.
William takes 14 cards out of the box.
How many cards does Martin have left?

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