4th Grade Math Word Problems

Are your children good at addition, subtraction, multiplication and division? And what about interpreting the unknown in various situations? Solve these 4th grade word problems and test your math skills with LogicLike!

Mixed Addition and Subtraction Problems

Max works in the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant.
On Sunday, he washed a total of 600 large and small plates.
If Max washed 145 large plates, how many small dishes did he wash on Sunday?

The bakery currently mixes and bakes 354 cheesecakes.
Another 780 cheesecakes are ready.
How many cheesecakes are there?

There were 700 bags of flour in the bakery.
Then an employee made baguettes from 495 sacks of flour.
How much flour is left?

After the vacation, the office manager has to read 890 emails.
She has read 617 of them so far.
How many emails are left for the office manager to read?

Last Sunday, a rock concert and a jazz concert were held at the music school at the same time.
469 people attended the two concerts in total.
If there were 173 people at the alternative rock concert, about how many people were at the jazz concert?

In the morning there were 351 frogs on the lake.
There were 679 frogs on the lake at night.
How many frogs were added to the lake per night?

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Multiplication and Division Problems

Jim bought 42 boxes of pens. There were 64 pens in each box.
How many pens did Jim buy?

The jewelry company has ordered 40 boxes of pearl beads. Each box contained 26 beads.
How many pearl beads did the jewelry company order?

David organized a 78-mile bike race.
All 52 riders completed the race.
How many miles did they bike in all?

The hospital has ordered 56 boxes of bandages.
Each box contained 38 bandages.
How many bandages did the hospital order?

A parking garage has 14 levels.
Each level has 62 parking spaces.
How many parking spaces are there?

The airline has 67 aircraft.
Each plane has 42 seats.
How many seats are there on the planes in total?

Mixed Word Problems

Grandpa is sick. He has 36 tablets and must take 2 tablets at a time 4 times a day.
How many pills are left in three days?

Jack and his three friends helped to decorate the house for the party.
Each of them blows 16 balloons. But 8 balloons pop.
How many balloons do they have for decoration?

It was the Black Friday at the department store.
Every purchase that is $2,000 or more gets an instant discount of $200.
Nick wants to buy a TV that costs $1,840 and a printer that costs $259.
How much does he need to pay?

There are 4 dentists working in a dental clinic.
On Monday, 24 patients made appointments with each dentist.
However, 6 of the patients did not show up.
How many patients visited the dental clinic on Monday?

Crispin had 4 boxes of 16 marbles. He lost 56 marbles.
How many marbles does he have now?

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