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Fun kids puzzles

Illustration for funny puzzle

Name the opposite:
Tasty, ripe or sweet?

Funny geometrical shape

Choose the red shape with corners.

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Logical Puzzles
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Logic Riddles with answers

Image for question about jump rope

How many jump ropes are there in the drawer, assuming we can see all the ends?

Illustration for riddle about blocks

There were 2 blocks. Then there were 9 blocks. How many cuts were made?

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Math Puzzles with answers

There are 4 floors above Tonya's apartment, and 3 floors below it. How many floors are there in the building?

Math rebus for kids and adults

Math rebus

Challenging Puzzles for adults and kids

Annie, Tim, and Clarissa are doing a new puzzle. Tim does it twice as fast as Clarissa. Clarissa does it twice as fast as Annie. The three of them assembled this puzzle in 3 hours.
How many hours would Annie need to do this puzzle by herself?

Picture for riddle roller skates

One box contains roller skates, and two boxes are empty.
Where can the roller skates be if only one hint is correct?

Brain training puzzles for adults

Easy puzzle for adults

The red box is lighter than the green one.
Two blue boxes weigh the same as the green and red ones combined.
Arrange the boxes from lightest to heaviest.

An empty suitcase weighs 7 times less than Steam, and Steam weighs 36 kg more than the suitcase.
How much do Steam and the suitcase weigh together?

Brain Teasers for Seniors

Riddle for Seniors

Add the right symbols.