Brain teasers / Riddles for Seniors

Brain teasers for Seniors

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The cars started at the same time.
The yellow car reached the finish line in 5 minutes, while the red car reached it in 7.
Which car was faster?

Picture for puzzle about tomato and lemon

What's heavier: a tomato or a lemon?
A tomato / a lemon / equal weights / can't tell.

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image for fun riddle for seniors

Robot Plus always tells the truth.
Robot Minus always lies.
Plus: It's bigger than 33.
Minus: It's bigger than 41.
Plus: It's even.
Minus: It's less than 35.
Plus: It's not 36.
Minus: Then it's 40.

illustration for difficult puzzle for seniors

The whole 10-cube figure was painted blue (including the bottom).
How many faces of the cubes were painted?

All the numbers from 1 to 100 are written down in the right order.
What DIGIT will be the hundredth?