Brain Teasers for Kids (with Answers)

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Warm-up brain twisting questions for kids

What does a snowman eat for breakfast?

Which side of a turkey has the most feathers?

What always goes to bed with its shoes on?

What word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?

What can you keep after giving it to someone?

What is seen in the middle of March and April?

Look in my face,
I am somebody;
Look in my back,
I am nobody.
What am I?

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What never gets any wetter no matter how hard it rains?

How many men were born last year?

How long is the answer to this question?

What can you keep but cannot share and once you share it, you can’t keep it anymore?

What ends everything always?

What are two things you cannot eat for supper?

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Fun and challenging brain teasers for kindergarten and school

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Easy riddles for preschoolers

Easy brain teaser for schoolchildren

Guess the item
Choose a shape that:
- Isn't big and isn't green.
- Has angles.

Logic Puzzle for kids

Not an elephant, but gray.
Choose all the answers that fit.

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Number Puzzles

Brain Teaser for kids with digits

The numbers can't be bigger than 20. Which digits can a circle be equal to?

Kakuro Puzzle

Solve the Kakuro puzzle. Start from the bottom horizontal row.

Are you ready for more number puzzles and riddles for kids?

Logical Puzzles for kids

Image to night antonym puzzle

Name the opposite to Night:
Sun, Day or Light?

Illustration for kid's riddle

What's changed?
Color, shape, size?

Have eyes for even more cool logic puzzles for kids and parents!

Math Puzzles with answers

Illustration for children riddle

Max read from page 7 through page 17. How many pages did he read?

Math rebus for kids

Math rebus

Take some more math brain teasers for kids.

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Fun brain teasers for schoolchildren

Olive's mom has five daughters:
Bella, Annie, Martha, Kate...
What is the fifth one's name?

Puzzle for kids with baloons

Max took two good shots and gained 4 points. Annie took two good shots and gained 6 points. Which balloons are left?

Hard logical riddles for kids

Hard brain teaser for kids

The rooms were numbered in orderly fashion, starting from the number 1. 41 digits were used in total. How many rooms were numbered?

Mathematical brain teaser for kids

By how much will any two-digit number multiply when written down twice in a row?

The LogicLike team created and put unique brain teasers and puzzles into a logical order. Easy to hard math and logic brain teasers for kids and their parents, 3D thinking, number puzzles, and more.

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