11 Logic Puzzles for Kids with Answers

Check out this super funny set of logic puzzles for kids by the Logiclike team. The collection of our online puzzles on a variety of topics will help you make learning fun!

Children all over the world enjoy the process, while building critical thinking and problem-solving skills. A variety of 2,500+ unique logic puzzles in a course-based game are wating for you!

Easy Logical and Deductive Reasoning Puzzles

Choose the odd one out

In puzzles like this, always look for the common feature.
For example, three shapes have corners, but the circle does not.

Choose the odd one out

Choose the right object

Choose the right object

Choose the box that:
- Is red;
- Has a rounded bottom;
- Is tall.

Odd one out

Odd one out
Feel free to use our logic puzzles at home and in the classroom.

Exact position

Exact position

There are Phil, Tim, and Oscar in the picture.
Phil is in the center.
Oscar's goggles are not red.
Who is wearing green goggles?

Logic Grid Puzzle

logic puzzles about a professor

The Professor's flask is neither with red nor with blue liquid. Robot Steam's flask has blue liquid inside. Solve the puzzle and name to whom each flask belongs.

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Fun Math Logic Puzzles for Kids

All of the following math and logic puzzles include an graphic and an answer key at the end.

Sudoku Puzzle #1

sudoku puzzle for kids

Fill the empty cells according to the rules of sudoku.
Click and choose the right picture.

Insert math symbols

Insert math symbols

Insert the right symbols to make a math equation correct.

Hidden Numbers Puzzle

Numbers Puzzle for Kids

Choose all the digits that may hide behind a triangle.

Sudoku #2

Sudoku for Kids

In the highlighted area sudoku puzzle all items should be different:
- in each line;
- in each column;
- in each highlighted area.

Compare the sets

Compare the sets

Compare sets of items.
Look for the combinations the cost of which you know.

Store Puzzle

Store Puzzle

In this type of puzzles the same items have the same price.
The number is the total cost of the items in a line or a column.

Benefits of solving logic puzzles for your kids

  • Build and improve critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Engage children in learning activities and push them to think outside the box.
  • Provide a needed break from traditional math problems.
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