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Easy math puzzles for kids

If you rotate this number by 180 degrees clockwise, it will become smaller by 3.

Mathematical brain teaser for kids

Two people are walking into town. Another two people are going the other way.
How many people are going into town altogether?

Number Puzzles

There are 10 fingers on two hands.
How many fingers are there on ten hands?

Problem for children on arithmetic counting

Score 8 points.

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Arithmetic puzzle for schoolchildren

Mathematical brain teaser with shapes

What digit hides behind a triangle?

Math brain teaser for kids

Choose all the digits that a circle can be equal to.

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Tricky math riddle

Funny brain teaser

Which weighs less:
1 kg of nails or 1 kg of feathers?

car dealership math puzzle

Ten cars were brought to the showroom.
All but nine of them were bought.
How many cars were left?

Challenging math puzzles

Math Brain Teaser remove digits

Remove 3 digits so that the other digits form the biggest three-digit number possible.

Hard math brain teaser for kids

The sum of two numbers is 54.
The smaller number can be found by crossing out a digit out of the bigger number.
Write down two possible answers.