3rd Grade Math Word Problems

Solve these collection of addition and subtraction, multiplication and division math problems for third grade students. LogicLike Web Platform helps students to improve their math skills with fun!

Multiplication and Division Word Problems

Interpret the unknown to model and solve these one and two-step word problems involving multiplication and division.

Patrice has 8 straws for juice. Each straw is 6 centimeters long.
What is the total length of all the straws?

Sara paid $28 for 4 pairs of trousers.
Each pair of trousers costs the same amount.
What is the cost of 2 pairs of trousers?

Jimmy has 36 toy cars. He divides them equally among 4 boxes.
How many toy cars are there in each box?

Two-Step Multiplication and Division Word Problems

Matthew earns $7 per week for doing all his chores.
On the fifth week, he forgets to clean the room, so he only earns $5.
Write and solve an equation to show how much Matthew earns in 5 weeks.

Thirty-two plates are equally packed in 8 boxes.
Two boxes of plates burst.
How many dishes are not broken?

There are 25 blue blocks and 15 red blocks on the table.
Five children are given an equal number of each color block.
How many blue and red blocks does each child get?

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Two-step Word Problems involving different operations

There are 63 yellow balls and 14 red balls more in the box.
How many balls are there in the box?

Each guest in the hotel gets 3 towels.
There is a total of 21 towels.
How many guests are there in the hotel now?

Last summer, Diana’s family found 152 shells at the beach.
This summer they were at the beach for 7 days.
Each day they found 9 shells.
How many fewer shells did they find this year than last year?

The bank officer arranges 32 documents into 4 equal rows.
How many documents are in each row?

Sophia is baking pies. He has three trays that are the same size.
On one tray, he makes 6 rows with 4 pies in each row.
He cannot fit any more pies on the tray.
He two trays completely and only half of the third tray.
How many cookies could Fin have made?

The toy-maker packs 36 toys in boxes of 4.
How many boxes he need to pack all the toys?

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Various Word Problems in Situations

Solve problems involving equal groups, arrays, and measurement quantities.

Mss. Rose has 92 pens for each group of 4 students.
How many pens will each student receive?

Daniel plans to make a fruit salad for his sister.
If he bought 9 apples, 6 bananas,
5 peaches and 32 pears as ingredients,
how many fruits did he buy in total?

Oliver had 6 cars and twice as many trucks as cars,
and 3 fewer excavators than trucks.
How many of each transport did Oliver have?

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Word Problems Involving Time Intervals

Natalie finishes guitar practice at 2:45 p.m. after practicing for 37 minutes.
What time did Natalie’s practice start?

My sister works on her scrapbook from 13:27 to 13:58.
How many minutes does she work on her scrapbook?

Camila cleans her room for 55 minutes. She starts at 10:12 a.m.
What time does Camila finish cleaning her room?

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Word Problems Involving Weights

Adam bought 8 apples and 4 pears from the greengrocers. Each weighed 200g.
How much did they weigh altogether?

The goose weighs 9 kg, while the chicken weighs 7 kg less.
How much do goose and chicken weigh together?

A box of apples weighs 21 kg, and a box of bananas is 6 kg more.
How much does the fruit weigh?

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