5th Grade Math Word Problems

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Math Problems for Grade 5

During the summer holidays, Ginny earns extra money mowing lawns.
He mows 8 lawns an hour and has 32 lawns to mow.
How long will it take him?

Our class made 360 ​​cookies for the school fair.
Each family prepared 40 cookies.
How many families have made cookies?

Mom bought her daughter Molly 4 gifts of $24 each and Sun Max 6 gifts of $18 each.
How much money did she spend in total?

5th grade students going on an excursion. This means that 125 students must board the buses, and each bus can accommodate 48 students.
How many buses will the school need?

Your mom bought you a one-year tennis pass for $300.
She’s making 12 payments of how much money to pay for the pass?

The mean average of the following 5 math marks will become Sandra’s report card mark: 96, 69, 83, 73 and 85. What will her report card mark be?

In July Potter earns extra money mowing lawns.
He mows 8 lawns an hour and has 28 lawns to mow.
How long will it take him?

Maggie wants to ride the Ferris wheel, the roller coaster, and the log ride. The Ferris wheel costs 6 tickets, the roller coaster costs 5 tickets and the log ride costs 8 tickets. Maggie has 13 tickets.
How many more tickets should Maggie buy?

Mount Kilimanjaro is 19,340 feet high.
Mount Everest is 29, 028 feet high.
How much smaller is Mount Kilimanjaro?

Betty had 29 dolls.
Then she bought 23 dolls from the toy store and got 25 dolls for her birthday.
Betty gave 12 of the dolls to her sister and 17 to her friend Lily.
How many dolls does Betty have left?

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Understand fractions as division

* Write the answer as a proper fraction or a mixed number.

Mr. Green ordered a giant sausage for the party. It was 6 feet long!
When the sausage arrived, it was cut into 16 equal pieces.
How long is each piece?

Mrs. Brown decided to make a healthy snack for the 20 students in his class.
She gave each student a dish of yogurt,
and divided 6 cups of berries equally among the dishes.
How many cups of berries did each student get in their yogurt?

5th-grade students take an excursion to the Nature Museum. They will be in the museum for 3 hours and they want to spread their time evenly among the 10 exhibits.
How much time should they spend at each exhibition?

On the birthday, Luca wants to bring in homemade breakfast biscuits for his classmates.
He makes a batch of 25 biscuits using 8 cups of flour.
How much flour is in each biscuit?

Variable equations

Michelle had a list of 28 books she wanted to read.
Then she read 4 and crossed them off the list.
The letter X stands for the number of books Michelle has left on her list.
Which equation can you use to find X?

At Henry's birthday party, the kids get into 2 groups for a treasure hunt.
Each group has 6 kids. The letter Y stands for the total number of kids.
Which equation can you use to find Y?

Add 3 or more fractions

Granny made a fruit salad with 2/3 of a pound of melon,
2/3 of a pound of bananas, and 2/3 of a pound of pineapple.
How many pounds of fruit did Granny use in total?

A waitress put leftover tarts into the fridge on Thursday night.
She noticed that the restaurant had 2/3 of a tart filled with cherries,
1/3 of a tart filled with blueberries, and 2/3 of a tart filled with peaches.
How many leftover tarts did the restaurant have in all?

During his visit to the garden,
Arnold collected 4/7 a bag of apples,
2/7 a bag of peas and 1/7 a bag of plums.
How many bags of fruit Arnold collected?

Add and subtract mixed numbers

* Write the answer as a proper fraction or a mixed number.

The Medical Center offers its clients free tea while they wait.
By the end of the day, the tea jar,
which originally had 7 7/8 gallons of tea,
had 2 5/8 gallons left.
How many gallons of tea were distributed?

At the moment, the vet has 12 rolls of 11/12 medical tape on hand.
He plans to use 10 rolls 1/12 when working with animals this week.
How much medical tape will he have left at the end of the week?

A farmer placed an order for 9 3/4 tons of fertilizer.
He calculates that the cornfields will require 7 1/4 tons of it.
How much fertilizer will the farmer have left for his other crops?

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Fractions of a Number

Of the 10 cups on the shelf, one-fifth are white.
How many white cups are on the shelf?

Four-fifths of the 20 bowls in the cupboard are yellow.
How many yellow bowls are in the cupboard?

There are 10 people waiting for the train.
Two-fifths of them have an umbrella.
How many people waiting for the train have an umbrella?

Of the 16 cookies in the cookie jar, two-quarters are peanut butter cookies.
How many peanut butter cookies are in the cookie jar?

Of the 20 people in line for ice cream, seven-tenths want vanilla.
How many people want vanilla ice cream?

Pour 2 2/4 cups of walnuts and 3 3/8 cups of pecans into the squirrel feeder.
How many glasses of nuts did the squirrel fill?

When painting my kitchen, I used 3 1/2 liters of wight paint and 2 1/4 liters of green paint.
How much paint did I use in all?

Kathleen used 6 1/3 liters to water her orchids and 2 6/9 liters to water her potted cacti.
How many liters of water did Kathleen use for the flowers?

Molly is making strawberry milkshake.
She added a 1/4 cup of strawberry syrup to 2/3 cup of milk.
How much strawberry milkshake did Molly make?

A jug of water is ½ full. If 3 children equally share the water,
what fraction of the full jug does each child get?

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