1st Grade Word Problems

Learn to add and subtract in the game form! LogicLike team created a collection of fun math word problems for 1st graders.


Bill brought 7 apples and 3 bananas with him, but 2 of them were rotten.
How many apples are left to eat?

There are 4 stacks of berry puddings in the cafe,
7 stacks of cakes and 5 stacks of pasta salad.
How many stacks of dessert are there?

David had 8 toy cars. He got 4 more toy cars.
How many toy cars did David have in all?

Sam has 5 dinosaurs. Robert gave him 4 more dinosaurs.
How many dinosaurs does Sam have?

A family combo includes 4 drinks, 4 fries and 4 burgers.
A party combo includes 7 drinks, 5 fries and 7 burgers.
How many burgers can you get if you order one family combo and two party combos?

Can you solve some money word problems?


Mom cat and her kitten together weigh 8 kilograms.
Mom alone weighs 7 kilograms.
How much does her kitten weigh?

Family packed 6 packs of chips to go to the cinema and the children ate 4 packs.
How many packs of chips are left to parents?

Maggie has 7 candies.
How many more candies does she need to have 10 candies altogether?

Mark had 4 puppies and Brian had some also. They had 7 in all.
How many did Brian have?

Emma has 8 toy puppies.
How many more does she have to get to have 12 toy puppies?

Isabella had 6 cupcakes. He gave some cupcakes to Mia. Now she has 2 left.
How many cupcakes did Isabella give Mia?

Mixed addition and subtraction

You have 7 pencils and your friend has 5 pencils.
How many more pencils do you have than your friend?

James has 7 green balls and 5 yellow balls.
He throws 4 of his balls into the basket.
How many balls does he have left to throw?

There were 8 white T-shirts and 5 red T-shirts on sale. Customers bought 4T-shirts.
How many T-shirts are left?

There are 7 ladybirds and 2 caterpillars on a flower. 5 ladybirds fly off.
How many insects are left?

Luis has 7 cents. Mia has 12 cents. The cost of a pen is 20 cents.
If they put their money together, do they have enough to buy a pen?

David had ten pennies and found 5 more. Then he gave 3 pennies to Jack.
How many pennies did he have left?

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