Mixed Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

Learn addition and subtraction in a playful way. The best addition and subtraction word problems for kids!

Kindergarten Mixed Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

Molly put 5 buttons on a snowman. Then, she added 1 more button.
How many buttons are on the snowman in all?

Sam caught 4 fish in the morning. Later, he caught 1 more fish.
How many fish did Sam catch in all?

Olivia made 3 cakes. Her sister ate 1 of the cakes.
How many cakes does Olivia have now?

There were 5 lizards on a rock. Then, 1 lizard crawled away.
How many lizards are on the rock now?

Luke read 4 comic strips. Later, he read 1 more comic strip.
How many comic strips did Luke read in all?

There were 6 squirrels on a roof. Then, 1 more squirrel joined.
How many squirrels are on the roof now?

Andrew built 5 robots. Later, he built 1 more robot.
How many robots did Andrew build in all?

Sandra’s class at school has ten children. Five of them are boys.
How many are girls?

Jonathon had scored 3 goals. After his last game his total moved up to 5.
How many goals did he score in his last game?

Ron bought a toy car for $4 and a balloon for $1.
How much money did he spend in total?

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1st Grade Mixed Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

James had 5 red balls. His friend Logan had 4 yellow balls.
If James and Logan were going to put all of their balls together,
how many balls would they end up having total?

Olivia’s mom gave her 18 cents for the school bake sale. Each cookie cost 6 cents. How many cookies could Olivia buy with the money that her mom gave her for the bake sale?

Grace ate 2 pancakes at breakfast time.
When it was time for lunch Grace ate 4 more pancakes.
How many pancakes did Grace eat in total?

Noah had 3 T-shirts that were blue, and 5 T-shirts that were black.
One day he decided to put them all in the washing machine.
How many T-shirts did Noah have in the washing machine?

Emma saw 7 cats from his window.
Later on, that day she saw 2 more cats walk up to the group.
How many cats total were now standing in the group outside of his window?

Spiderman is a superhero.
Last week, he rescued a total of 12 people from danger.
If Spiderman rescued 8 children, how many adults did he rescue?

Maria made a gingerbread house with 5 jelly beans, 2 lollipops and 3 gumdrops.
How many pieces of candy did Maria use in his gingerbread house?

James and his brother James have seventeen console games altogether.
If James has twelve of them, how many does James have?

Olivia's family is having a big party.
They get all the chairs in the house and put them outside on the grass.
They get twelve chairs from the living room and four chairs from the kitchen.
How many chairs do they have altogether?

Luke and Mike are playing chess.
Mike has five pieces left and Luke has eight pieces left.
How many more pieces does Luke have than Mike?

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2nd Grade Mixed Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

Uncle Robert and Aunt Mary and their 4 children are at the picnic.
How many people are at the picnic?

At the birthday party, there were 12 cups but 4 cups were broken.
Mom goes out and buys 10 cups. How many cups are there after she returns?

The bakery sold 37 cheesecakes on Friday.
Before lunchtime, 18 cheesecakes were sold.
How many cheesecakes were bought after lunch?

On Monday, a veterinarian had 34 appointments. 6 clients didn’t come.
Also, there were 3 clients who came without an appointment.
How many pets did the vet have on Monday?

There are 5 hats on the first shelf of the store.
The second shelf has 4 more hats than the first.
The third shelf has 3 fewer hats than the second.
How many hats are on the third shelf?

14 mittens were found this month, which is 6 more than were found last month.
How many mittens were found in total in two months?

There were 7 bags with names and 9 bags without names in the sports locker room. How many bags were there in the locker room in total?

Ann, Bill and Sara are playing Uno. Each of them gets 6 cards.
How many cards do they have in total?

The store had 12 TVs. Before lunchtime,
4 TVs were sold, and in the afternoon,
6 more such TVs were brought to the store.
How many TVs are there in the store?

James has 3 coins in his left pocket, and 7 in his right pocket. How many coins must be transferred to the left pocket from the right one so that the coins in these two pockets become equal?

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3rd Grade Mixed Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

There were 6 kg of lemons brought to the school cafeteria,
apples by 24 kg more than lemons, and pears by 12 kg less than apples.
How many kilograms of pears were brought to the school cafeteria?

24 boys went on a hike, and there were 8 girls less than boys.
How many children went camping in total?

Lilya prepared 760 mini-snacks for her birthday.
She divided the guests into 3 teams: women, men and children.
If women got 240 and men 373, how many snacks will the children get?

237 beetles were sitting in a tree.
Some more fly up to the tree.
Then there were 114 beetles in the tree.
How many more beetles fly up to the tree?

Grandma bought apples from a farmer.
Of these, she took 13 kg for juice, and 7 kg less for jam.
How many kilograms of apples did grandmother buy?

Gabriel is trying to build a small gazebo.
According to his blueprint, he will need 389 planks.
If his uncle gave him 65 planks and his brother gave him 129 planks,
how many more planks does he need to collect?

On one day Madison read 65 pages, on the second - 24 pages more than on the first, and on the third - 15 pages less than on the second day.
How many pages did Madison read in 3 days?

240 books were brought to the library. Of these, 70 were placed on the top shelf, 120 on the middle, and the rest on the bottom.
How many books did you put on the bottom shelf?

In the classroom, 24 students passed the literature test, and 25 students passed the math test, with 22 students passing both tests. How many students are there in the class if everyone has passed at least one of the tests?

Ms.Brown donated $900 to three different nursing homes.
If she gave $245 to the first house and $425 to the second,
how much did she give to the third house?

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4th Grade Mixed Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

Daniel wants to buy a laptop that costs $2,199, a printer that costs $322 and headphones that costs $78. How much does he need to pay?

Linda is working on a 1000 piece puzzle.
She has 498 of the pieces put together.
How many puzzle pieces does she have left to put together?

There are 160 fourth-grade students at Houston Elementary School.
Fourteen of the fourth-graders were absent on Wednesday.
How many fourth-graders were at school on Wednesday?

Fred bought a jacket for $165, a hat for $25 and a pair of sneakers for $257.
How much money did he spend in total?

The pirate has a chest with coins.
Inside there are 328 gold, 264 silver and 136 copper coins.
How many coins are in the chest in total?

A company is organising an international meeting.
So far, a total of 590 people have been registered,
including 247 from the United States.
How many people from other countries have signed up?

Li Wang just started working at a Chinese restaurant.
Last week, she polished in a total of 1349 small and large plates.
If Li Wang polished 634 small plates, how many large plates did she polish?

First, 110 red pencils were put into a box with blue pencils,
and then half of all pencils were transferred to a pencil case.
After that, there are 160 pencils left in the box.
How many blue pencils were in the box first?

An archaeologist discovered a buried treasure chest filled with a total of 973 gems. 634 of the gems were garnet, 152 were lazurite, and the rest were diamonds.
How many of the gems were diamonds?

Recently, the value of the primary school savings fund decreased by $169.
If his fund was worth $964 before, how much is it worth now?

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