Money Word Problems

How well can you count money? Solve these money word problems for grades 1-5 created by the LogicLike team, and improve your math skills.

Grade 1 Money Word Problems

Jane has 3 nickels and 2 quarters.
How much money does Jane have?

Tom has 50 cents, and his mother gives him 4 quarters.
How much money does Tom have?

Mila has 50 cents, and she spends 2 dimes and 3 nickel.
How much money does she have?

Emma has 4 quarters and 6 nickels.
After she spends 30 cents, how much money does she have?

Liam has 5 dimes and 5 nickels.
John has 3 quarters and 1 nickel.
Who has more money?

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Grade 2 Money Word Problems

Miranda went to the store to buy the pencil boxes for her 8 children.
If one pencil box costs 5 nickels, how much money is required to buy all the pencil boxes?

Tom's mother gave him $40 to buy a calculator.
He went to the market and lost $10 on the way.
How much money does Tom have now?

Gary had $30 with him. He went to the market and had an ice cream and a burger for lunch, which cost him $17.
How much money does Gary have left?

After spending $5.50, Eva still has $2.40 left.
How much did she start with?

John earns 60 cents a day for transporting luggage from one site to another.
How much income does John earn in three weeks?

Jessica has to submit 35 cents for her exam fees.
But she has only 25 cents. How much Jessica requires more money?

Sam took his gaming laptop in for repair. The renovation cost him $75.
He gave $100 to the master.
How much change did the master give him?

Mark has 8 dollars, 2 quarters, 5 dimes, 8 nickels with him.
How much money does he have in total?

Two mangoes cost a total of $5.60.
Monika pays for the mangoes with a $5 bill and a $1 bill.
How much change will she get?

Fred took $80 from his granny to do racing go-karts. But he spent only $45.
How much money does Fred have left?

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Grade 3 Money Word Problems

Gwen makes $210 each month. How much money will he make in a year?

Sara wants to buy 14 ChocoPies. The ChocoPies cost 35 cents each.
How much money will 14 ChocoPies cost?

If you purchased 24 copybooks for $5.28, how much did each copybook cost?

The deposit on a $230 phone is 50%. How much is the deposit?

Five thousand people are going to the Maroon 5 concert! Each ticket costs $150.
What is the total cost of all the tickets?

The bill at a cafe is $42.00. The service was good, so you decide to tip 20%.
What is the new total with the tip included?

Three boys made $1020 together each month for a year cleaning cars.
At the end of the year, they divided the money evenly.
How much money did each friend earn for the year?

At the store you see two sizes of cakes.
One size is 900 grams ounces and sells for $21.60.
The other size is 600 grams ounces and sells for $16.20.
Which is the better deal per ounce?

William works as a computer programmer.
He worked for 3 days and earned $1842.00.
How much did William earn per day?

Patrick went to see a movie with his family.
Tickets cost $15 for each person.
If Patrick and his family include 8 people, how much money is required to buy tickets for all?

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Grade 4 Money Word Problems

If a Pepsi-Cola costs $1.31, how much would 9 cans of Pepsi-Cola cost?

A ball costs $0.99. How much would it cost to buy 9 balls?

Little dolls cost $0.89 each. Nora buys 3 little dolls.
How much does Nora spend?

If a sandwich costs $0.91, how much would 3 sandwiches cost?

A pen can cost $0.36. How much do 8 pens cost?

Owen bought 5 T-shirts. Each T-shirt cost $7.40.
How much money did Owen spend?

Four bathrobes cost $36.80.
If the bathrobes all cost the same amount, how much does each bathrobe cost?

If 2 bottles of milk cost $2.86 and the bottles both cost the same amount, what is each bottle's price?

Olivia goes to the movies with a friend. Her ticket costs $8.25.
She buys some popcorn for $2.75 and a soda for $2.50.
If she started the day with $20, how much money does she have leftover?

Rachel and Sandy are selling sweets to raise money for charity.
They buy 80 bags of sweets for $0.50 each.
They sell all of them for $1.25 each.
How much profit did they make?
Hint: Profit is the difference between how much the sweets cost them and what they sold them for.

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Grade 5 Money Word Problems

Will had $853.00 in his checking account.
Then, he spent $227.00 on the account.
How much money is left in Will's checking account?

Kevin and Judie decided to start their own babysitting business.
Kevin earned $1,500.00 babysitting for his cousins,
and Judie earned $1,500.00 babysitting for family friends.
Altogether, how much money did they earn?

Marine donated $6,381.00 for a new park. Marine's brother donated $4,650.00.
How much more money did Marine donate?

At a local art gallery, Pete decided to buy one painting for $685.00 and another for $925.00.
What was the total cost?

Michael had $9,896.00 in his checking account.
Then, he spent $3,458.00 on the account.
How much money is left in Michael's checking account?

Emily had two part-time jobs last year.
She made $45.85 cleaning houses and $34.15 walking dogs.
How much money did she earn in all?

Stacy wants to buy a new cell phone. If she buys one now, it will cost $628. If Katie waits until her contract is over, she can upgrade to the same phone for $613.
How much can Stacy save if she waits?

Alfredo's soccer team did two fundraisers last year.
They raised $4,033.00 selling cookies and $2,534.00 cleaning houses.
How much money did the team raise in all?

Logan paid $22.17 to rent a pair of roller-skates and $43.78 to take a roller-skating lesson. How much did Logan pay altogether?

Mrs. Grace is trying to pick out a computer. A certain laptop computer would cost $812.00, but she is also considering a tablet. The tablet that fits her costs $335.00. How much more expensive is a laptop?

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