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Logic puzzles with grids

Begin with our free grid puzzles, starting from easy to hard. Some puzzles go with answers, others only with hints.

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How to solve grid logic puzzles?

In a grid-based problem, there is a set of sections and matching options. Read the clues and remember: you can choose each option only once. The puzzle is guessed as soon as you connect the appropriate options.

Easy  |  Hard

Easy logic puzzles with grids (for kids)

easy logic puzzles with grids

The flask with the red liquid is not the second.
The flask with the blue liquid is neither the first one nor the second one.
Choose the correct table.

easy logic grids puzzles

The third flask is with the blue liquid.
The second one is not with the red liquid.
Choose the correct table.

logic grid puzzles about a professor

Which flask belongs to the Professor?

logic puzzles for kids with grids

The Professor's flask is neither with blue nor with red liquid.
Steam's flask has blue liquid inside.
Use the "+" sign to mark to whom the flasks belong.

logic puzzle about names of children

Annie, Martha, and Olive use the player names Tetris, Moon, and Oxie.
Only Martha's player name has the same first letter as her real name.
Use the "+" symbol to mark each girl's player name.

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Hard logic grid puzzles (for kids and parents)

hard logic grid puzzles

Three people met:
- "We all have different-colored hair, but none of us has hair color matching our pet's fur color," said the brunette.
- "You're right," said the orange cat's owner.
Use the "+" sign to mark each cat's owner.

hard logic puzzles with grid

Ango, Kidd, and Tew buried some treasure.
One pirate buried his under an orange tree, another buried his under a grapevine, while the third pirate buried his under a banana tree.
Ango didn't use the seashell to bury his treasure.
Tew buried a treasure chest, but not underneath the orange tree.
The sack is buried under the grapevine.
Use the "+" sign to mark each pirate's choice.

free logic puzzles with grid

Each of three friends — Alex, Bill, and Phil — attend two classes for the following activities: soccer, tennis, chess, music school, karate, and basketball.
Phil, a musician, and a karate kid study in one group. A basketball player, tennis player, and Alex walk to school together.
The karate kid and soccer player are neighbors. The musician and basketball player go to Alex's house very often.

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