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Simple riddles for kids

Easy riddle for kids

All fruit of the same type have the same price. What is the price of an orange?

Illustration for puzzle for kids

It flies, but it is not a bird. Choose all the answers that fit.

Logical Signs Riddle

Problem for kids with numbers

Add the right symbols.

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Logic Riddles online

A few sheets were torn out of a magazine: from page 3 to page 8. How many sheets were torn out?

Logic Puzzle for kids

In the picture there are Charlie, Kate and Phoebe. The girls are not standing next to each other.
What mask is Charlie wearing?

Logic questions for kids to improve thinking skills

Riddle for kids about rollerblades

How many matching pairs of rollerblades are there?

mathematical rebus picture

Math rebus

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Logic Riddles for adults

Logic Puzzle for adults

The professor was driving to his out-of-town laboratory at a consistent speed (not faster than 90 km/h).
At one moment the meter showed 16961 km of mileage. In exactly 2 hours the number on the meter once again showed a number that reads the same in both directions.
At what speed (km/h) was the Professor driving?

Tricky riddle for adults

There are four floors in the building.
The higher the floor, the more people live there.
Which floor does the elevator go to most often?

Hard Logic Riddles with answers

Find the smallest even four-digit number written with four different digits.

Write down the difference between the smallest four-digit number and the largest one-digit number.