33 Christmas Riddles for Kids and Adults

The LogicLike team has collected only the best Christmas puzzles for you. Compete in guessing with your family and friends over the Christmas holidays!

Christmas Riddles for Everyone (Adults Love them too!)

Gather round for a feast and take the challenge of the fun puzzles! Here you will find easy and hard, entertaining and educative riddles for kids and adults.

Which real-life person is Santa Claus based on?

Which country did eggnog come from?

What was the first company that used Santa Claus in advertising?

What is Ralphie's little brother's name in the movie "A Christmas Story"?

Which country started the tradition of putting up a Christmas tree?

How many ghosts show up in A Christmas Carol?

What was the real name of the character Tim Allen plays in The Santa Clause?

What are the two other most popular names for Santa Claus?

In the "Home Alone" movie, where are the McCallisters going on vacation when they leave Kevin behind?

In the movie, It's A Wonderful Life, what happened every time a bell rang?

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What Christmas decoration was originally made from strands of silver?

Who played George Bailey in the Christmas classic It's a Wonderful Life?

What Christmas carol does the Peanuts gang sing at the end of "A Charlie Brown Christmas?"

Which Hollywood actor played six different roles in The Polar Express?

What was the highest-grossing Christmas movie of all time?

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Christmas Riddles for Kids

Why did they let the turkey join the band?

What did the reindeer say when he saw an elf?

How many presents can Santa fit in an empty sack?

Who says "Oh, Oh, Oh!"?

What does a Gingerbread Man put on his bed?

What animated 2004 film is about a train that carries kids to the North Pole on Christmas Eve?

What did the other reindeer not let Rudolph do because of his shiny red nose?

What do you have in December that you don't have in any other month?

Where was baby Jesus born?

Why can't the Christmas tree stand up?

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What do elves put on their candy canes?

How do you scare a snowman?

What are Santa's little helpers called?

What do you call an old snowman?

What's the best thing to put into a Christmas cake?

Who delivers Christmas presents to dogs?

Why are Christmas trees like bad knitters?

What animal pulls Santa's sleigh?

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