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Educational platform helps children to build critical thinking, math & logic skills. Adults improve mental abilities and develop ingenuity.

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Many years ago, Cyprus and China "experimented" with puzzles and noticed that children think faster, and old people live longer and have a clear mind. Since puzzles require us to use various strategies to solve them, we boost our skills.

When it comes to 5-10 year children, solving good riddles for kids is a great start for developing creativity and ingenuity. For growing minds, puzzles are essential for developing problem-solving skills and short-term memory, neural connections and the two hemispheres of the brain working at once.

You may think that our brains are continually straining to solve that puzzles. However, research shows that by focusing on solving one problem, the mind immerses in a kind of meditation. In other words, you have a rest! A successful puzzle-solving process produces dopamine, which improves your mood!

Do you want the whole family to spend time with benefit and pleasure? Solve brain teasers and puzzles that the Logiclike team creates for you!

5 Easy Logic Puzzles for Kids to Start

Regular training in solving logical reasoning puzzles helps children develop critical thinking. Have a look at some logic puzzles for kids that the LogicLike team creates for children and their parents.

Logic problems, tasks on patterns searching, and building sequences are especially recommended for preschoolers and primary school students.

Logic problem to solve

teapot, cup and glasses picture to a logic puzzle

The kettle is more expensive than the cup. The cup is cheaper than the glasses.
Which dish is the most expensive?

Find a pattern

circles with fractions pattern puzzle

Can you guess the pattern and decide what comes next?

Charlie and Oleg are brothers.
Each of them has two sisters.
How many children are there in their family?

What is heavier?

red, green and purple boxes on the mechanical balance logic puzzle

Which box is the heaviest of three?

Logic grid puzzle

easy logic grid puzzle image

Tim, Max, and Bill participated in a race and took the top 3 places.
Max passed Bill. Tim came after Bill.
Identify the place of each driver using the + sign.

You can print the task or go ahead with training online.

happy parent with logiclike on a tablet
Boost your mental power! With Logiclike you will learn how to solve logic puzzles and think outside the box.
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Logiclike is more than just a fun brain game. Our online course is a challenge, an online trainer that teaches you to reason and think critically.

3 Logic Puzzles for Middle School & Adults just to Warm-up

Random pick puzzle

red, yellow, green and purple balls in the box - logic puzzle illustration

A box contains 1 green, 1 purple, 3 yellow, and 4 red balls.
What is the smallest number of balls you need to take without looking to make sure you have 3 balls of different colors among them?

Logic puzzle with numbers

In an office 5 employees only play soccer, 6 only play tennis, and 3 play both soccer and tennis. Every employee plays at least one kind of sport.
How many employees are there in the office?

Odd one out

picture with 3 cars and a plane for the Choose the odd one out puzzle

Choose the odd one out.

How to start solving logic puzzles and problems?

As soon as you start, recognize what the task is and what kind of answer you have to find. Carefully read the terms and conditions and determine what information you already have, what you can additionally collect by looking at the picture (if there is one, for example). Identify primary facts and discard the rest to concentrate better.

Once you have determined what you need to do and what area of activity is connected, make a step-by-step plan-solution to the problem. You can think over several solutions, assume the result for each and choose the best one. Once you have decided a solution way - go ahead! You are armed and able to solve the logic puzzle in a moment!

We teach you to solve logic problems!

Answers, solutions, comments. The online format at

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