Tricky riddles with answers

Tricky logical riddles are the best ones for training attention and thinking skills. Here are more than 2500 tricky questions.

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  • There are 2 options for training. Pass 3 beginning chapters and open access to other categories. Try to solve Logic Puzzles, True or False, 3D-Thinking, Weighings, and others.
  • Difficulty levels choice. Try over the tasks on 3 levels: Beginner, Experienced, Master.

Tricky riddles for kids

Tricky riddles by Logiclike are exciting and funny; you can see simple and challenging questions with an unobvious, often atypical answer. By solving engaging mysteries and puzzles, kids develop thinking outside the box, broaden their horizons, and adults raise spirits.

There are 7 picked tricky and curious logic riddles with answers for kids:

Can an ostrich call itself a bird?

A suburban electric train runs 45 miles per hour. Which side does fume go?

Is it possible to jump from a ten-meters ladder and don’t smash?

Three pines are growing on the hill.
Every pine has seven branches.
There are three apples on every branch.
How many apples are there?

There are three people on the road: 2 of them are fathers, and 2 of them are sons. How is it possible?

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With Logiclike you will learn how to solve logic puzzles and think outside the box.

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Logic puzzles are almost like riddle questions. They help a child develop reasoning skills and, with great interest, find the right solutions to problems.

Find the odd one out.

The yellow box contains NOT a pyramid and NOT a peg-top.
The green box contains NOT a peg-top.
What’s inside the blue box?

LogicLike platform is a home for thousands of thought-provoking questions and puzzles for kids and adults.

Tricky riddles for adults

There are serious and ridiculous riddles on logic and ingenuity.
Read or listen to the questions attentively and not be afraid to suggest even the most unusual answers.

Some of the riddles have simple and obvious answers. Some of them are brainteasing!
Such a pick suits for a party as it provides good warmup and fun for the big company.

Two people come up to the river.
On the riverbank, there is a boat that can withstand only one man.
Both were able to get across to the other side.
How did they manage to do it?

Turn right three times. What happens then?

What’s the longest word in English?

What tree does the hare sit under when it rains?

There is a ruler, a pencil, a compass, and an eraser on the table.
You have to draw a circle on a piece of paper.
What’s the first step?

What do you call someone who pulls your leg?

How can six kids, two dogs, and four adults stay dry under one umbrella?

How many eggs could one eat on an empty stomach?