Brain Teasers for preschoolers

2500 fun puzzles for kids 4-7 years old

Solving logic puzzles makes getting ready for school easier!

Questions and riddles by Logiclike help kindergarten children build math and logical thinking skills.

4-5 years old
6-7 years old

Brain Teasers for kids 4-5 years old

Puzzle for kids 4-5 years

Name the opposite:
Heavy, small or strong?

Brain Teaser for preschoolers

There are 2 candies, 1 pastry and 3 pears on a plate. How many fruits are there?

Logic riddle for preschoolers

What's changed?
Color, shape, size?

Logical riddle for preschoolers

A plum is cheaper than a pear. An apple is more expensive than a pear. Match the pictures and the lines.

Boost your mental power! With Logiclike you will learn how to solve logic puzzles and think outside the box.
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Brain Teasers for 6-7-years old

matching task for preschoolers

Move all the shapes. Put the circle into the red place. Neither the circle nor the square can be in the blue place.

Brain Teaser for children about cars

There are 4 cars in a garage. They're red and blue.
There are more red cars than blue ones.
How many red cars are there?

Logic puzzle for preschoolers 6-7 years old

The square cannot be second. There should be a red shape in the third place.
Which cell is the square in?