"Who am I" Riddles with Answers

"Who am I?" are fascinating logic riddles that not everyone can solve. Think over the clues carefully and guess "who am I" — a person, animal or smth else.

"Who am I" Riddles and Questions for Kids

Lifeless eyes on my smiling face and watch your child's sleeping place.
In their dreams they hold me tight.
Who am I?

I have a heart that never beats,
I have a home but I never sleep.
I can take a man's house and build anothers,
And I love to play games with my many brothers.
I am a king among fools.
Who am I?

I speak without a mouth and hear without ears.
I have no body, but I come alive with wind.
What am I?

A cloud was my mother, the wind is my father,
my son is the cool stream, and my daughter is the fruit of the land.
A rainbow is my bed, the earth my final resting place,
and I'm the torment of man.
Who Am I?

I flop around on sticks and sometimes you cheer me as I do,
I desperately need a white powder to do what needs to be done,
and looking at me you might wonder why I look like I am about to go swimming.
Who am I?

Who am I riddle for kids by Logiclike

Max is the athlete in a red suit.
Phil is standing next to Max.
Tim and Oscar are on the edges.
I am wearing green goggles?
Can you guess who am I?

A father's child, a mother's child, yet no one's son.
Who am I?

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I dig out tiny caves, and store gold and silver in them.
I also build bridges of silver and make crowns of gold.
They are the smallest you could imagine.
Sooner or later everybody needs my help,
yet many people are afraid to let me help them.
Who am I?

My neighbor makes mistakes. I get rid of them.
Who am I?

Tomorrow I am surely here, yesterday I am found as well.
Today I am gone. Who am I?

I have four legs but no tail.
Usually I am heard only at night.
What am I?

I build up castles. I tear down mountains.
I make some men blind, I help others to see.
What am I?

Many-manned scud-thumper, Maker of worn wood,
Shrub-ruster, Sky-mocker, Rave!
Portly pusher, Wind-slave.
What am I?

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"Who am I" Riddles for Adults

The more I lie, the more people trust me.
Who am I?

I'm a god, a planet, and measurer of heat.
Who am I?

I soar without wings, I see without eyes.
I've traveled the universe to and fro.
I've conquered the world, yet I've never been anywhere but home.
Who am I?

When I left, I didn't know where I was going;
when I got there, I didn't know where I was;
when I returned, I didn't know where I had been.
Who was I?

I can sneak up on you or be right in front of you without you knowing.
But when I reveal myself you will never be the same.
Who am I?

When young, I am sweet in the sun.
When middle-aged, I make you gay.
When old, I am valued more than ever.
What am I?

Some people like me, some people don't.
I can be good, but bad sometimes too.
Who am I?

My first is a creature whose breeding is unclear.
My second, a price you must pay.
My whole can be found in the river of Time and refers to events of today.
What am I?

I am just two and two. I am hot. I am cold.
I am the parent of numbers that cannot be told.
I am a gift beyond measure, a matter of course.
I am given with pleasure when taken by force.
What am I?

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Halloween "Who am I" riddles

I am known to be bad luck when you see me in the dark and oh how
I hate the rain but one thing is for sure you won’t hear me bark.
Who am I?

I am wrapped but I am not a gift,
I am kept neatly in a chamber and Archeologists find me as a great treasure.
What am I?

It can't be seen, can't be felt, can't be heard and can't be smelt.
It lies behind stars and under hills, and empty holes it fills.
It comes first and follows after, ends life and kills laughter.
What is it?

What do you call a skeleton that makes you laugh and giggle when you’re sad?

Some people believe in me and others don’t at night I roam around and sometimes I float.
If you hear a troubled noise coming from the ground go run and hide from my creepy sound.
What am I?

Some try to hide, some try to cheat, but time will show, we always will meet.
Try as you might, to guess my name, I promise you'll know, when you do claim.
Who am I?

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