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What 8 letter word can have a letter taken away and it still makes a word.
Take another letter away and it still makes a word.
Keep on doing that until you have one letter left.
What is the word?

Can you name three consecutive days without using the words Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday?

What 7 letter word is spelled the same way backwards and forwards?

What English word retains the same pronunciation, even after you take away four of its five letters?

Which of the following words don't belong in the group and why?

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What word contains all of the twenty six letters?

Forward I am heavy, but backward I am not.
What am I?

What is the longest word in the dictionary?

There is a word in the English language in which the first two letters signify a male, the first three letters signify a female, the first four signify a great man, and the whole word, a great woman.
What is the word?

We hurt without moving.
We poison without touching.
We bear the truth and the lies.
We are not to be judged by our size.
What are we?

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What English word has three consecutive double letters?

I know a word of letters three. Add two, and fewer there will be.
What is it?

What word is right when pronounced wrong, but is wrong when pronounced right?

What word of five letters has only one left when two letters are removed?

What is one thing that all wise men,
regardless of their politics or religion,
agree is between heaven and earth?

One word in this sentence is misspelled. What word is it?

Which word that begins with the letter I, and by adding the letter A, becomes another word that is pronounced the same?

Which word in the English language becomes shorter when it is lengthened?

Two words, my answer is only two words. To keep me, you must give me.

What has five eyes, but cannot see?

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What word doesn't belong in this group?
That, hat, what, mat, cat, sat, pat, or chat?

What 11-letter English word does everyone pronounce incorrectly?

I am the beginning of the end, and the end of time and space.
I am essential to creation, and I surround every place.

What is at the end of a rainbow?

What common English word has the 3 letter consecutive sequence, "XOP"?

Granny looked up from her rocking chair and said:
As far as I can tell, there is only one anagram of the word trinket.
What is it?

What letter is next in this sequence?
M, A, M, J, J, A, S, O,__

What's the difference between here and there?

What starts with "P" and ends with "E" and has more than 1000 letters?

How do you make the number one disappear by adding to it?

What always ends everything?

From a word of 5 letters, take 2 letters and have 1?

I am a word. I become longer when the third letter is removed.
What am I?

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