Matchstick puzzles with answers for kids and adults

Children shouldn't play with matches! But our matchstick removing game is an exception.

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Matches puzzle game with LogicLike is safe and useful. You can get another picture or correct equation in a few moves.

Matchstick Math Puzzles to Warm-up

Move, add or remove 1 or several matches on this page with mind power. Look for the correct answers after each puzzle. Various solutions for a puzzle are also possible.

Puzzle 1

Move one match to fix the equation.

move one matchstick

Puzzle 2

How can one match be shifted to make the equation true?

matchstick puzzle with answers

When a child is solving matchsticks puzzles, he/she:

  • trains short-term memory and imagination;
  • teaches to solve tasks in an atypical manner;
  • expands spatial and logical thinking.
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Moving Matches to Make Squares

Puzzle 3

Remove 2 matches to leave only 4 equal squares.

move 2 matches to make 4 squares

Puzzle 4

How to arrange 3 matches to get 3 equal squares?

move 3 matches to make 3 squares

Puzzle 5

Move the 4 matches to get 3 squares.

move 4 matches to make 3 squares

We know that it's a way convenient to roll and move matches with a finger or a mouse click. Such an approach is suitable for both novice "logicians" and advanced "match fans."

Puzzles, where one needs to move several objects, are better to solve in an interactive format.

Matchstick Triangle Puzzles

If you crack any puzzle like a peanut in mind, test your abilities in more serious matchsticks puzzles.

Puzzle 6

Remove 3 matches to leave only 3 triangles.

matchstick puzzles with triangles

Puzzle 7

Remove 5 matches to leave only 5 equal triangles.

puzzles with matchsticks
LogicLike platform has been created primarily for kids. That's why the educational process is gradual: from simple to complex for children and adults both.