Multiplication Word Problems

We'll teach you multiplication! The LogicLike team has collected only the best multiplication word problems for grades 3-6 students!

3rd Grade

There are 9 plates, each with 6 apples. How many apples are there?

Jessica saw 4 dozen doves in the park. How many doves did Jessica see?

Harper has 11 books. Mia has 5 times more books than Harper.
How many books does Mia have?

Dan has 6 dozen golf balls. How many golf balls does he have?

There are 5 groups in kindergarten. Each group has 14 kids.
How many kids are in kindergarten?

Mary has 3 yellow marbles.
Jessica has 5 dozen times more yellow marbles than Mary.
How many yellow marbles does Jessica have?

Sandy, Benny, Mike, and Joan each have 3 dozen baseball cards.
How many baseball cards do they have in all?

Benny has 6 books. Fred has 4 dozen times more books than Benny.
How many books does Fred have?

Emma earns $22.00 for each house she cleans.
If she cleans one dozen houses, how much money will she make?

There are 2 dozen calories in a health bar.
How many calories are there in 7 health bars?

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4th Grade

The firecracker factory produced 5 boxes of firecrackers.
Each box contained 24 firecrackers.
How many firecrackers did the factory produce?

A candy company puts 14 marshmallows in each bag.
How many marshmallows will the company need to fill 6 bags?

Melanie bought 8 bunches of bananas. There were 5 bananas in each bunch.
How many bananas did Melanie buy?

There are 4 flower beds near the school. Each flower bed has 24 flowers.
How many flowers are there in the flower beds?

The chef of the restaurant prepares an omelet from 3 eggs.
If the chef has 72 omelets to make, how many eggs will he need?

Andy bought 68 jigsaw puzzles. Each puzzle had 84 pieces.
How many puzzle pieces did Andy get in all?

Each question in the Star Wars game is worth 18 points.
There are 58 questions for each episode of the show.
How many points can you earn for each episode?

Mom bought 25 bags of apples.
There were 46 apples in each bag.
How many apples did Mom buy?

The travel company has 5 ships.
Each ship has 6 rows of seats with 3 seats in each row.
How many passengers can the travel company carry at once on all of its ships?

The children's cafe uses plastic cups.
The cups come in 5 different colors.
Each package contains 6 cups of each color.
How many plastic cups are there in 8 packages?

5th Grade

Jillian bought 5 2/3 pounds of yellow cheese and 3 times the amount of white cheese. How much white cheese did she buy?

Brenda's kitten weighs 3 3/5 pounds.
Oliver's dog weighs 4 times more.
How much does Oliver's dog weigh?

The six-story office building has 5 windows in each office,
12 offices on each floor.
How many windows are there in the office building?

Students receive $12.00 for every 1,000 labels they collect from certain products. How much money will they make if collect 4,000 labels?

Marianne multiplies 2.6 × 27.4 and says that the answer is 7.124.
The numbers are correct, but the decimal point is in the wrong place.
What should be the correct answer?

Renee attends her dance class 2 times a week.
At the class, the students dance for 1.5 hours at a time.
How many hours does she dance in class in 20 weeks?

Jacob earns $2.6 for every car washed. He washes 3 cars every hour.
After washing cars for 4 hours how much money will Jacob have earned?

On Monday, Mia practiced the piano for a total of 1 2/3 hours.
If she practiced the same amount of time each day,
how long did she practice in a week?

Stanley ran 6 miles during the week. Each mile has 1,760 yards.
How many yards did Stanley run in the week?

Jane traveled for 5.5 hours.
If she was traveling at 48 miles an hour, how many miles did she go?

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6th Grade

The rectangular garden is 38 feet wide.
The length is 2 times more than the width.
What is the perimeter of the garden?

On Monday, Marie practiced the piano for a total of 2 3/5 hours.
If she practiced the same amount of time each day,
how long did she practice in a week?

Brent rode his bicycle 3 miles during the first day of June and doubled on the second day. Each mile has 1,760 yards.
How many yards did Brent ride on two days?

Your campsite is a rectangle 68 ft by 39 ft. You have 220 ft of rope. Do you have enough to run the rope around the entire perimeter of the campsite?

Students at a Washington school collected cans for recycling.
Each student collected 15 packs of cans. They put 12 cans in each bag.
How many cans did the school collect if nine students collected cans?

The cafe charges $ 6 for a slice of apple pie.
They cut each whole apple pie into 8 slices.
How much money will the cafe bring if they sell 16 pies?

Sandra had 3/4 of a pound of strawberries.
Sandra let his friend Betty 8/9 of the strawberries.
How many pounds of strawberries did Betty eat?

At the school cafeteria, 3/8 have chocolate frosting. Of the cakes with chocolate frosting, 2/3 have nut filling. What fraction of the cakes at the school cafeteria have both chocolate frosting and nut filling?

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