Division Word Problems

Dividing numbers is easy! If you solve all the division word problems from LogicLike!

3rd Grade

There are 3 students in the class and 21 pens.
If the pens are divided equally among the students,
how many does each student get?

Judy is inviting 21 friends to a party. She has 63 cookies.
How many cookies will each friend get?

Jerome paid $684 for 12 chairs. How much does one chair cost?

If 225 fish need to be put into 5 aquariums.
How many fish should be in each aquarium?

There are 30 students and 360 worksheets in the class.
If the worksheets are shared equally among students,
how much will each student receive?

George is making kites.
It takes 6 feet of string to make a kite.
He has 80 feet of string.
How many kites can he make?

Kevin has 84 baseball cards in a collection.
He can fit 9 cards on a page.
How many pages does she need?

45 tourists want to eat lunch at a picnic area.
If each picnic table seats 6 people,
how many tables will the tourists need?
How many free seats will remain?

Thomas wants to split a collection of cards into groups of 84.
Thomas has 756 cards. How many groups will be created?

Maggie's popcorn machine can produce 8,750 bags of popcorn per week.
How many bags of popcorn can a machine make per day?

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4th Grade

A bus traveled 260 miles in 4 hours.
The same distance was traveled each hour.
How far did the bus travel each hour?

Monika earned $216 babysitting in 9 months.
She earned the same amount each month.
How much did Tina earn babysitting each month?

There are 680 calories in 8 granola bars.
How many calories are in each granola bar?

A hospital ordered 320 new chairs.
The chairs will be delivered in 5 equal shipments.
How many chairs will be in each shipment?

There are 3,920 calories in 7 pints of chocolate ice cream.
How many calories are there in each pint of chocolate ice cream?

A school ordered 204 new study desks.
The desks will be delivered in 6 equal shipments.
How many desks will be in each shipment?

The cinema has a total of 468 seats,
which are equally distributed over 26 rows.
How many seats are there in each row?

Joel took a six-day 54-mile backpacking trip.
He hiked the same distance a day.
How many miles a day did he walk?

The cost of a pizza is $18.
If 3 friends are to share the cost equally,
how much should each pay?

The coach orders a uniform for his football team.
A trainer can spend up to $6,138 on a uniform.
If each uniform costs $170,
how many of these can a coach buy?

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5th Grade

Steve's car has a 12-gallon gas tank.
Refueling the tank costs $19.2.
What is the cost of gas per gallon?

The company has $14,000 to buy TV advertisements.
If each advertisement costs $1,600,
how many advertisements can a company buy?

Amanda bought four identical vases from the church bazaar.
She paid $196 in total. How much did one vase cost?

David has 468 feet of rope. How long is the rope in yards?

The toy company makes Teddy bears in two sizes - big and small.
The company produced 1,620 Teddy Bears last week.
They made 11 times more small Teddies than large ones.
How many big size toys did they make?

In the gift shop, customers can pay in cash or by credit card.
1,512 buyers bought gifts last week.
There were 13 times more buyers with a credit card than those who paid in cash.
How many buyers have used the card?

A tableware store needs to send an order to the restaurant from 312 plates.
If each shipping box holds 12 plates, how many boxes are required to pack?

The ship should carry 200 people across the river.
The ship can accommodate 32 people in one trip.
How many people will the ship take on the last trip?

Sandra and Anna baked homemade sweet treats to sell.
They baked 128 sweet treats in all.
Sandra baked 3 times as many treats as Anna.
How many sweet treats did Anna bake?

Pam needs to order 8,600 pens for an upcoming conference.
If the pens come in boxes of 24, how many boxes should Pam order?

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6th Grade

Ben needs to order 6,300 tennis balls for the tennis court.
If there are 6 balls in each package,
how many such packages should Ben order?

Two programmers together earned $8,520. How to split the earned money if one completed 4/10 and the other 6/10 of the whole work?

One day 608 people signed up to play softball.
If 16 players are assigned to each team,
how many teams can be formed?

Two garages have 460 parking spaces.
The number of places in the first garage is 75%.
How many parking spaces are there in the second garage?

If from 400 pounds of flour 520 pounds of bread are baked.
How many pounds of bread will be obtained from 600 pounds of flour?

The school library has 4,000 books.
All books are equally distributed in 25 cabinets.
Each cabinet has 8 shelves with an equal number of books.
How many books are on one shelf?

Mark went to a pizza place with two friends.
They ordered a large pizza for $24.00 and a garden salad for $7.20.
They also got three sodas for $1.10 each.
The tax came to $1.50. They divided the bill equally.
How much did everyone pay?

Ms. Bunny purchased a new car. Her loan, including interest, is $14,760.
How much are her monthly payments if she has 60 monthly payments to make?

Nick, Jonh, and Antony are buying snowboards.
Mike is getting his snowboard on sale for $216.32.
Jake’s costs $293.95. Aaron’s costs $232.23.
What is the arithmetic mean price of snowboards?

In order to train for a biking trip, Julie rides her bike 175 miles a week.
How many total miles does she ride in a day?

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