Volume Word Problems

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Volume of Cubes and Rectangular Prisms

A water tank that is rectangular in shape is 15 feet long,
10 feet wide, and 6 feet deep. What is the volume of the water tank?

Ship container has a length of 40 feet, width 8 feet, and 9.6 feet in height.
Find the volume of the container in cubic feet.

A building cube is a rectangular prism with the same measurement for length, width, and height. If a cube is 8 inches tall, what is its volume?

Harry will paint the walls and ceiling of his room that is 16 feet wide by 14 feet long by 8 feet high. What is the surface area of the room?

In the store, jewelry is in a glass display case in the shape of a rectangular prism.
It is 16 inches long, 11 inches high, and has a volume of 704 cubic inches.
Find the width of the rectangular display case.

Alexa was determining the dimensions of her cereal box Friday morning.
She read on the box that the total volume was 336 cubic inches.
Alexa found it was 3 inches wide and 14 inches high, what was the length?

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Volume of Cylinders

Use the approximate of value of π, that is 3.14 and round your answer to the nearest tenth if necessary.

Chef Mr. Yummy has a very large soup pot shaped like a cylinder that has a height of 14 inches and a radius of 8 inches. How much soup can Mr. Yummy's soup pot hold?

Emma says that the volume of a cylindrical vase that has a diameter of 8 cm and a height of 14 cm is about 2,813.44 cm³. Is Emma correct?

The tallest cylindrical aquarium in the world is located in Moscow.
Its height is 66.6 feet deep and has a radius of 9.9 feet.
Find the volume of the tank.

African Bongo Drum has a diameter of 9 inches and is 18 inches deep.
Find the volume of this African drum.

If a 5-gallon keg of Pepsi has 25 inches tall and 8.6 inches in diameter,
what is the volume of this keg in cubic feet?

A cylindrical container with a radius of 10 feet and a height of 5 feet is filled with water. If the total mass of the filled container is 4 kg, what is the mass of the empty container?

The volume of a cylinder is 441 cubic inches. The height of the cylinder is 9 in.
Find the radius of the cylinder to the nearest tenth of an inch.

A right circular cylinder has a volume of 628 cubic inches and a height of 8 inches.
What is the radius of the cylinder?

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Volume of Composite Figures

The first rectangular prism has a base with a length of 25, a width of 9, and a height of 12. The second prism has a square base with a side of 15 and volume equal to the first prism. The third prism has a height equal to the second prism and a base area equal to the first prism. Find the volume of all three prisms together.

Using blocks that are 1 cubic foot, Mr.Freeman builds the stage base of 3 blocks wide and 4 blocks long. If he continues to build the stage up, in height, how many more layers will she need to create a stage with a volume of 96 cubic feet?

A cylindrical hole with a diameter of 8 inches is bored through a cub 10 inches on a side. Find the surface area and volume of this solid casting.

A cube of side 8 cm is cut into 2 cm cubes.
What is the ratio of the surface areas of the original cubes and cut-out cubes?

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