Proportion Word Problems

Try solving all of our proportion word problems for students in grades 6-7!

Finding the percent

12 is what percent of 60?

The cinema has 400 seats, 260 of which are occupied by spectators.
Express the attendance at a percent of capacity.

Mike had 160 blue and red bricks. He had 45 blue bricks.
What percentage of his pencils was red?

Pete had 140 small snails.
He kept 28 snails for himself and gave the rest to his friends.
What percentage of his snails did he donate?

Mark bought 18 pancakes. Jessica bought 12 pancakes.
What percentage of the total number of pancakes, did Jessica buy?

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Finding the part

What is 20% of 80?

Molly has 45 markers. 20% of the markers write poorly.
How many markers are bad at writing?

There are 25 people in the class, 60% of them are girls.
How many girls are there in the class?

After going shopping the family had only 10% of our money left.
They spend $ 160. How much money do they have left?

Dad fired 60 shots in the shooting range. In 85% he hit the target.
How many successful shots did dad have?

Fourth graders planted 160 flower seeds. 75% of the seeds have grown.
How many flowers have grown?

Fourth-graders planted 280 trees, 40% of them are linden trees.
How many lindens did the students plant?

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Finding the whole

14 is 20% of what number?

In an exam, Shawna secured 340 marks.
If she secured 85% makes, find the maximum marks.

Fresh plums make 210 pounds of dried plums.
This accounted for 35% of all fresh plums.
How many fresh plums were there first?

The student read 15 pages, which is 30% of all pages in the book.
How many pages are in the book?

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