Multi-Step Word Problems

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2nd Grade Multi-Step Word Problems (Basic Level)

There were 6 yellow apples and 4 red apples on the plate. We ate 7 apples.
How many apples are left on the plate?

In kindergarten 7 girls were taken out for a walk, and there were 2 fewer boys.
How many children went for a walk in total?

23 students from the second grade go to the dance studio,
and 5 more children from the third grade.
How many students in second and third grade go to a dance studio?

Emma had $46 in her piggy bank.
She took out $14 to buy a toy pony.
Then she got out $11 for a movie ticket.
How much money is in Emma's piggy bank now?

Margaret's dance class is 45 minutes long.
Today, the girls started with a 7-minute warm-up.
Then they danced the cha-cha-cha for 24 minutes.
How many minutes are left to dance the waltz?

Mrs. Green's class visited the zoo.
The children fed 27 rabbits and 15 raccoons.
Then, having a bite, they fed 6 donkeys.
How many animals did they feed in all?

There are 39 people on the bus.
At the first stop, 15 more people got on the bus.
9 people got off the bus.
How many people are on the bus?

Mom had 29 pieces of candy in her bag.
Mom bought 12 more pieces of candy.
Mom gave 15 pieces of candy to the children.
How much candy does she have left?

There are 80 artworks at the school exhibition.
23 of them were made with felt-tip pens, 20 with pencils, the rest - with paints.
How many paints artworks were there at the school exhibition?

There were 35 trees in the park.
After the hurricane, it turned out that 7 trees were killed.
Then they planted 12 more trees. How many trees are there in the park?

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3rd Grade Multi-Step Word Problems (Intermediate Level)

Mom shares a packet of 18 cookies equally among her 3 daughters, Emma, Mia and Flora. Flora eats 2 cookies right away.
How many cookies does Flora have left?

The school cafeteria brought 4 boxes of sweets, 9 kg each, and 3 boxes of cookies, 8 kg each.
How many kilos of sweets and cookies did the cafeteria bring to the school?

The clown had balloons of 3 colors, 6 pieces of each color.
He gave the kids 4 balls of 2 colors.
How many balloons does the clown have left?

Mark has 9 trucks and 3 times as many racing cars.
How many vehicles does Mark have?

The first book has 24 pages, the second - 16 pages more than the first, and the third - 4 times less than the first and second books together. How many pages are in the third book?

Slime cost $3 each. David buys 4 slimes. He pays with a $20 bill.
How much money does David get back in change?

Harper is playing a video game "Littlest Pet Shop".
In the game, she buys a cat’s wardrobe and 3 dresses for a cat.
The wardrobe costs 35 coins and each dress for a cat costs 6 coins.
How many coins does Harper spend?

There were 29 rose bushes planted on the flowerbed:
3 rows of red roses of 6 pieces each and white roses.
How many white roses have you planted?

Amelia's summer vacation is 3 weeks and 4 days long.
How many days is her summer vacation in all?

Jacob has 19 crayons. He was presented with 2 more sets of 6 crayons.
How many crayons did Jacob have?

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4th Grade Multi-Step Word Problems (Intermediate Level)

William wants to buy a hoverboard. To make money,
William sold berry smoothies for $3 a cup and cakes for $2 apiece.
He sold 40 cups of berry smoothies and 18 cakes.
How much money did he make?

David bought 42 Marvel's сards at the shop.
Outside, he met Jack, who had 63 cards.
Along came William who had none.
The 3 friends decided to share all the cards.
How many did they get each?

George needs 69 plastic plates for a birthday celebration.
He already has 36 red plates and 17 weight plates.
How many more plates should George buy?

Matthew poured 1 liter 630 milliliters of water into a beaker.
Over three days, some of the water evaporated.
On the fourth day, 873 milliliters of water remained in the beaker.
After that, Matthew added 250 ml of water.
How much water has become?

Robert's backpack weighs 4,120 grams.
Robert weighs 26 kilograms 710 grams more than his backpack.
If Robert stands on a scale wearing his backpack, what will the weight read?

Olivia walked 3 km 230 m from school to the supermarket.
Then, she walked 1 km 600 m from the supermarket to the Pet store.
Then, she walked from the Pet store to her home.
If Olivia walked a total of 6 km, how far was it from the Pet store to her home?

Bertha's granny had 18 small photo albums filled with 24 photos in each.
In order to save some space, she bought 8 larger albums.
If she wanted to put all her photos into the large albums,
with the same number of pictures in each,
how many photos should be in each album?

The industrial machine made 1,452 cans of cherry sodas and 6 times as many lemon sodas. The lemon sodas were then placed into 3 shipping boxes with each shipping box containing the same number of sodas. How many lemon sodas were in each shipping box?

Robin and Alice were comparing their Christmas candy.
Robin received 4 times as much candy as Alice received.
Robin then split his candy evenly into 8 piles to eat later.
If Alice received 24 ounces of candy,
how many ounces of candy would be in each of Robin's piles?

At Frank's bakery over the course of a year, he sold 65 birthday cakes for $72 a cake. At the end of the year, he determined that for each cake he sold he had spent 1/4 of the sale price on ingredients. How much money did he spend on ingredients for cakes?

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5th Grade Multi-Step Word Problems (Advanced Level)

Ms. Brown is packing orders for her candle business.
One customer ordered 12 gold candles,
each of the gold candles weighs 8 ounces.
How many pounds will this order weigh?

One tree produces about 250 pounds of oxygen per year.
There are 32 trees in the schoolyard.
How many tons of oxygen do they produce per year?

Mary bought 15 pounds of strawberries at $1.68 per pound.
Marion bought 14 pounds of strawberries at $1.80 per pound.
Who paid more?

Sloths only move about 6 feet per minute. How many minutes would it take a sloth to walk across a 200-yard golf field?

Ms.Pumpkin needs 148 decorations for Halloween cakes.
Decorations come 9 to a box.
How many boxes should she order?
When the Halloween cakes are decorated, how many decorations from the last box will not be used?

Richard is reading a 372-page book.
He has already read 125 pages of the book.
If he skipped the 16 pages of maps,
how many more pages does he have left to read to finish the book?

Three rivers form a river system and have lengths of 512 miles, 267 miles, and 497 miles. Altogether, how long are these rivers?

Sandra collected 5000 pennies for the charity drive.
James collected 276 pennies less.
How many pennies did the children donate to charity?

Henry made two stops during his 60-mile bike trip.
He first stopped after 20 miles.
His second stop was 15 miles before the end of the trip.
How many miles did he travel between his first and second stops?

The cinema sold 70 popcorns at each of 3 movies each day for a week.
How many popcorn did it sell?

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