Age Word Problems

Age problems collection by Logiclike will help you train logical and algebra skills. In these word problems, you will deal with current, past, and future people's ages.

How many math problems can you solve using systems of equations? And what about logical thinking and thinking outside the box methods?

Ten years from now, Gloria will be three times older than she is today.
What is her current age?

Mila is 5 years older than her brother, but 3 times younger than her mother.
How old is Mila and how old is her mother, if Mila's brother is 6 years old?

In 6 years, Bob will be 4 times as old as he is today.
How old is Bob today?

In 8 years, Mary will be 3 times as old as she is today.
How old is Mary today?

Mike is 8 years older than Alexa. 3 years ago, Mike was 5 times as old as Alexa.
How old is Mike today?

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Logical Puzzles
Riddles & Questions

Jennifer is 6 years older than Anna.
3 years ago, Jennifer was 4 times as old as Anna.
How old is Jennifer today?


A mother is 56 years old, and her daughter is 14 years old.
In how many years will the mother be twice her daughter's age?
How old will the mother be then? How old will your daughter be?

Six years ago, Lenny's age was half of the age he will be in 8 years.
How old is Lenny now?

Felix is twice as old as his friend Greg.
Greg is 5 years older than Rachel.
In 5 years, Felix will be three times as old as Rachel.
How old is Greg now?

Alexa is 1 year more than twice Stella's age.
3 years from now, Nora will be 27 less than twice Alexa's age.
4 years ago, Nora was 1 year less than 3 times Stella’s age.
How old will Nora be 3 years from now?

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