Fraction Word Problems

Let's learn fractions together! LogicLike has put together word problems on fractions for grades 1-6 students!

1st - 2nd Grade

Unit fractions

Den has nine balls. If four balls are red, what fraction of the balls are red?

Sarah made nine chocolate bars.
She put powdered sugar on three chocolate bars.
Which part of the bars now have powdered sugar?

Meg made a bouquet with seven flowers.
She used two red flowers.
What fraction of the flowers were red?

There are 10 cars in the toy box. Four of them are blue.
What fraction of the cars are blue?

There are 11 houses on Granny's street.
Six of them are painted green.
What fraction of the houses are green?

What fraction of the week is Tuesday?

What fraction of the week is Saturday and Sunday?

What fraction is the thumb from the fingers on your hand?

What fraction is the thumb from all fingers on your hands?

The girl cut the apple into two equal parts.
She gave one part to her mother.
What fraction of the apple did the girl have?

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3rd - 4th Grade

Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Grace ate 3/12 of apple pie and Matthew ate 5/12 of the pie.
How much apple pie did the kids eat in total?

Lori took 2/6 of pencils from the box,
and Mario took 4/6 of pencils from the box.
How many pencils did the children take out of the box?

Mom bought the minced meat, which is 2/6 pork and the rest is beef.
How much beef is in minced meat?

The hippopotamus ate 4/9 fruits for dinner and the rest vegetables.
How many vegetables did the hippopotamus eat for dinner?

Multiplication and Division Fractions

If it takes 4/7 yards of fabric to make a coat,
then how many yards will it take to make 6 coats?

Tom takes 1 1/2 hours to get home.
If he walks twice fast, how many minutes will it take?

Jessica had $200, 1/4 of this money she spent on cosmetics.
How much money did Jessica spend?

Mom bought rice at the market at a price of $0.71 per pound.
How many pounds of rice did mom buy if the purchase amount was $2.13?

Converting Fractions

If 62 out of 100 students in a school are girls, then write a decimal for the part of the school that consists of girls.

Lucas has read 12/20 of the book.
How much of the book has he read as a decimal?

Fraction to/from Decimals

Eric ate ​​1/2 of the pizza.
How is this fraction written as a decimal number?

Jessica drank 2/5 of the orange juice from the jug.
How is this fraction written as a decimal number?

Each magic stone found in the game gives the same points.
A total of 37.5 points can be earned.
Emma collected 1/2 of the stones.
How many points did Emma get?

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5th - 6th Grade

Adding and Subtracting Fractions

The monkey nursery is open two times a day:
3/4 hour at noon and 6/16 hour in the afternoon.
How much time is the monkey nursery open every day?

A construction company bought 4.7 pounds of gravel and 7.9 pounds of sand. How many pounds of material did the company buy in all?

It snowed 3.4 inches on Friday and 6.9 inches on Sunday.
How much did it snow on Friday and Sunday combined?

Sandra bought 8.04 ounces of dark chocolate.
And 5.7 ounces less milk chocolate.
How much milk chocolate did Sandra buy?

Multiplication and Division Fractions

Ms. Sweet decided to make a snack for the 24 students. She gave each student a dish of yogurt and divided 6 cups of blueberries equally among the dishes. How many cups of strawberries did each student get in their yogurt?

WSix friends are eating pizza. They eat 1/2 of pizza each.
How many pizzas do they eat in total?

Donald accidentally cut a coil of rope in two.
The length of one of them is 3.25 feet,
the length of the other is 1.3 times shorter.
How long was the original rope?

Converting Fractions

The travelers walked 3/5 of the route 60 miles.
How many miles are left for travelers to go?

The perimeter of the triangle is 40 inches.
The first side is 3/10 of the perimeter,
the other is 3/2 of the first side.
What is the third side of the triangle?

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