Dividing Decimals Word Problems

How well do you know dividing decimals? Try solving all of LogicLike's dividing decimals word problems.

5th Grade

Jack paid $99 for 6 pizzas.
How much did he pay per pizza?

Sophia ate 18 candies in 4.5 minutes.
How many candies did she eat per minute?

Lauren paid $10 for 2.5 pounds of oranges.
How much did she pay per pound?

In January, the temperature dropped 10 degrees in 5 days.
How many degrees per day did the temperature drop?

Rebecca read 102 books in 10.2 months.
How many books per month did she read?

Joanna filled her 90-gallon pool with water in 7.5 hours.
How many gallons per hour did she use?

A cookie factory used 22 pounds of cocoa to make 8 batches of muffins.
How many pounds of cocoa did the factory put in each batch?

Becky has budgeted $21.00 a month to spend at the coffee shop.
How many $1.75 coffees can she buy in a month?

Italian restaurant used 269 pounds of tomatoes to make 5 batches of pizza sauce. What quantity of tomatoes did the chef put in each batch?

A farmer makes 303 liters of fresh-squeezed apple juice over the course of 6 days. How much apple juice was the farmer makes each day, on average?

School lunches cost $ 200 per 12.5 weeks.
About how much will lunches cost a week?

A bus traveled at the same speed for 5 hours. It went 287 miles in all.
How fast was the bus going?

A candy factory used 101.5 pounds of sugar to make 7 batches of candies.
How much sugar did the factory put in each batch?

The cost of 5 teapots is $ 143.8.
How much does one teapot cost?

A pack of 12 pencils costs $ 8.40.
How much does each pencil cost?

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6th Grade

Samantha weighs 72.35 kilograms on the bathroom scales.
Determine her weight in pounds, if one pound equals 0.45 kilogram.

Mr. James buys 9 gallons of paint to do up the exteriors of his garage.
How much does one gallon of paint cost,
if he is billed a total of $ 229.5 for his purchase?

Mark has run a total of 84.24 miles in 32.4 days of running training.
How many miles did he run on average per day?

If Judy earns $ 127.8 for babysitting.
If she worked 21.3 hours this month,
then how much did she earn per hour?

Maria has 11.5 kg of coffee. She wants 0.25 kg-bags.
How many bags does she need?

Mrs.Samantha has 16.8 cups of brownie mix.
If each cake requires 0.35 cups of the mixture,
how many brownies can Mrs. Samantha make?

An Olive Oil Factory made 809.9 pounds of olive oil in 6.5 minutes.
How much oil, on average, did the factory make each minute?

Toca's Hair Salon uses an average of 76.8 quarts of shampoo per year.
If Toca wants to order for a month, how many quarts of shampoo does she need to order?

There are 2.54 centimeters in one inch.
How many inches are there in 45.72 centimeters?

A game programmer makes $ 9.64 an hour. He grossed $ 366.32 last week.
How many hours did he work?

Alexander is having friends over for a barbecue.
He bought 12.6 pounds of beef for seven friends.
How much beef can each friend get?

Cough syrup contains 24.3 ounces. Peter takes 1.35 ounces each dose.
How many doses are in the bottle?

What was its average speed in miles per hour if a plane flew 2088.6 miles in 5.9 hours?

At a farmers' market, Sheila picks 3 watermelon that weigh a total of 29.43 pounds.
Find the average weight of one watermelon.

Gina graded 32.5 tests in 6.5 hours.
How many tests per hour did she grade?

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