Ratio Word Problems

The LogicLike team put together the best ratio word problems for students in grades 5-6! Try to solve them all!

5th Grade

A fruit basket contains 3 red apples and 7 yellow apples.
What is the ratio of the number of red apples to the number of yellow apples?

The ratio of apples to oranges in a fruit basket is 2 : 3.
If there are 24 apples, how many oranges?

The ratio of green and red apples in a bag is 2 : 5.
If there are only green and red apples in a bag,
what is the smallest total number of apples possible?

The ratio of boys to girls at the skating rink is 3 : 4.
If there are 42 children at the skating rink, how many boys are there?

The ratio of white to red roses and in the Flower shop is 3 : 5.
If there are 75 roses in the shop,
how many red roses are there more than white roses?

The picnic was attended by 32 children and 12 adults.
What is the ratio of adults to children at the picnic?

There are 32 children in the fifth grade.
There are 4 more boys than girls.
How many girls are there in the class?

65 children are swimming in the pool.
There are 15 more boys than girls.
What is the ratio of boys to girls?

There were 45 children and 25 adults at the school concert.
What is the ratio of children to the total number of people at the concert?

Derek, Brian, and John got paid a total of $ 240 for washing cars.
They split the money in the ratio of 5 : 9 : 10.
How much money did each boy make?

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6th Grade

Monica and Alexa have a 5 : 3 ratio of badges.
Alexa and Laura have a 6 : 1 ratio.
What is the ratio of Monica to Laura's badges?

18 of Mason's toy soldiers are standing, and the remaining 16 toy soldiers have fallen. What is the ratio of the number of soldiers that have fallen to the number of soldiers still standing?

Noah exchanged 8 US dollars and received 12 New Zealand dollars.
How many New Zealand dollars would she get for 1 US dollar?

Darcy and Sarah are playing checkers.
There are 6 white checkers and 14 black checkers left on the board.
What is the ratio of black checkers to the total?

When Vanessa walks 15 feet, she takes 10 steps.
How many feet does she walk if she takes 1 step?

George is stacking pineapples in the triangular form for a show window.
The top row has 2 pineapples, the second row has 4 pineapples, and the third row has 8 pineapples.
How many pineapples will be on the fifth row?

A bookstore has 48 detective novels and 72 romantic novels collections.
What is the ratio of detective novels and romantic novels collections?

James won the chip-eating competition by eating 2,400 chips in 2 hours.
If he ate at a constant rate, how many chips did he eat in 1 hour?

James gives Kathy a box of building blocks and tells her that the ratio of red blocks to total is 3 to 19. He also tells her there are 3 times as many yellow blocks as red, and that there are 2 more green than red.
What is the ratio of yellow blocks to green?

For Lake Cake Сafe, the daily sales ratio of muffins to scones is 5 : 2.
If the cafe sells 18 more muffins on Sunday than its daily sale of 42 muffins,
how many scones were sold on Sunday?

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