Mixed Multiplication and Division Word Problems

Let's see how well you've learned to multiply and divide! The LogicLike team has prepared word problems on multiplication and division for students!

3rd Grade

Erin and Jenny went to the store to buy pizza for the party.
Everyone bought 6 different kinds of pizza.
How many different kinds of pizza did they buy?

Each crayon costs $3.00. How much do 18 crayons cost?

There are 27 pencils in each box. How many pencils are in 3 boxes?

Sherry wants to split a collection of stickers into groups of 39.
Sherry has 195 stickers. How many groups will be created?

Tanya played 4 rounds of the game. She received 12 points each round.
How many points does Tanya have after four rounds?

There are 55 stickers in each box.
How many stickers are in 7 boxes?

Each child has 9 crayons.
If there are 38 children,
how many crayons are there in total?

There are 7 oranges in each box. How many oranges are in 68 boxes?

Tina has 256 Jelly Beans. If she shares them among 32 friends, how many Jelly Beans does each friend get?

Miranda's garden has 8 rows.
There are 16 rose bushes in each row.
How many rose bushes are there?

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4th Grade

Chris made $112 on Monday. On Tuesday, he made three times as much.
How much money did he make on Tuesday?

Jaden has 328 blocks. Elvis has 4 times less than Jaden.
How many blocks does Elvis have?

A concert hall contains 6 sections of seats with the same number of seats in each section. If there are 768 seats, how many seats are in each section?

Maja's class goes on a picnic in the woods.
Each chaperone will take 3 kids in their car.
If there are 27 students going, how many cars will they need?

The farmer harvested a crop of potatoes and put them in sacks.
Each sack fits 68 feet of potatoes.
How many feet of potatoes did the farmer collect if the crop fit in 14 sacks?

Lucy has 4 dozen crayons. She has 6 times more crayons than Willie.
How many crayons does Willie have?

Helen bought 7 bags of tomatoes. There were 28 tomatoes in each bag.
How many tomatoes did Helen buy?

The factory has 9 assembly lines.
If a factory produces 243 robots per day,
how many robots does each assembly line make each day?

The Harper family uses 468 galons of hot water per day.
The Brown family uses 2 times less hot water per day.
How much hot water does the Brown family use per week?

John's family found 36 shells on the beach.
And Michael's family found twice as many shells on the beach.
If Mike's family put all of their shells in 4 tanks equally,
how many shells will there be in each tank?

5th Grade

A piece of pizza has 504 calories in it.
How many calories are there in 8 pieces of pizza?

Chris goes out to lunch with Dan and Mike. The total bill was $ 36.
They decided to split the bill equally, how much would each person pay?

Maddie bought 6 candy bars for $62.
How much money does she spend?

The Eastern Express is a train that can transport 306 people.
There are 9 passenger cars on the train.
Each car can carry the same number of passengers.
How many people can each passenger car hold?

David needed 3/4 of his acrobatics training.
He spent 2/3 of this time jumping.
What part of the training did he practice jumping?

There are two volleyball teams of 13 players each in the gym.
2/4 of the players are fifth-grade students.
How many fifth-grade students are there in the gym?

Delia has 7/8 yards of ribbon for 3 blouses.
If the same amount of ribbon is used for each blouse,
how many yards of ribbon is used for one blouse?

Mr. Johnson drove for 3.6 hours at a speed of 48.25 miles an hour.
About how far did he drive?

Monica can swim 17.24 meters in one minute.
About how far can she swim in 3.75 minutes?

A large suitcase holds 50.7 lb.
This is 3 times the weight a small suitcase holds.
How much does a small suitcase hold?

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6th Grade

Devon rode his bicycle 30.618 miles in 6 hours.
If he rode an equal distance each hour,
about how many miles did he ride in one hour?

The library has 5,600 books. If each shelf can hold 80 books,
how many shelves will the library need to hold all of its books?

A party supply store ordered carnival masks.
Each box contains 6 package of carnival masks,
and there are 12 masks in each package.
How many carnival masks are there in 3 boxes?

The school wants to buy 3600 balloons for the party.
If balloons come in boxes of 120,
how many boxes of balloons should the school buy?

Jessica bought 4 boxes of medical gloves from the pharmacy.
Each box contains 56 pairs of gloves.
How many single gloves did Jessica buy?

Becky buys fabric to make new dresses.
She spends $ 79.75 on fabric.
If the fabric is $ 5.50 per yard, how many yards of fabric will she buy?

The online store has $ 21,000 to buy online ads.
If each ad costs $ 6, how many ads can an online store purchase in a month?
Is this enough to get 300 ads per month for a year?

Climbers need to buy 32,000 feet of rope.
How many rope packages should be ordered if each rope contains 400 feet?

Eight friends were planning to contribute equal amounts of money to buy sushi.
After the sushi was ordered, one person was forced to leave.
As a result, each of the other seven people had to pay 90 cents.
How much was the total bill?

Tom measured his stride and found it to be 24 inches.
If Tom walked into the city 3.5 miles south,
how many steps would he need to take?
Remember that a foot is 12 inches and a mile is 5280 feet.

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