Food Trivia Questions and Answers

The LogicLike team collected the best food trivia questions for kids, families, and friends. Go after these 50+ fun food and drink questions, fast food, Christmas food, and Thanksgiving food trivia.

Food and Drink Questions

An orange always has the same number of slices, does it?

Find an extra object: a pear, a plum, a potato, a lemon.

Are cashews drupes or nuts?

True or False:
Gelatin is made from cartilage and bones from animals such as pigs or cows.

Is watermelon a berry, a vegetable, or a fruit?

Which is the only US state that grows and produces coffee?

What valuable nutrients do you get from meat, poultry and fish?

Which red round product is a fruit and not a vegetable?

Which yellow spice from India will improve your mood,
help to heal wounds and balance your blood sugar?

What drink has the most antioxidants?

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Fun Food Trivia

What vegetable are vampires afraid of?

How are Mexican burritos called: "a small donkey" or "a small monkey"?

What American President was nicknamed the "Jelly Bean Man"?

What veggie is green and looks like a little tree?

True or False:
The Louis XIII pizza costs $12,000.

Which country's popular dish is mopane striped worm?

What is the stinkiest fruit in the world?

What is the name of a pumpkin in Nigeria?

How many seeds are there in each pumpkin?

True or False:
German chocolate cake didn't originate in Germany.

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Fast Food Trivia

What was the first fast-food restaurant in the United States?

What is the first original mascot of McDonald's in 1948?

Which state was the first Pizza Hut built in?

What fast-food restaurant was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders?

What is the current Burger King's slogan?

Did hot dogs come from the US or Germany?

What board game from Hasbro became the basis for promotions at McDonald's?

What is the most popular coffee chain in the world?

What restaurant chain does specialize in foods like tacos and burritos:
Denny's, Chipotle or KFC?

What fast-food restaurant is famous for its "Grand Slam" meal, Burger King or Denny's?

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Christmas Food Questions

A popular Christmas song tells us that we should bring to carollers some…

What is the main dish for a traditional Christmas dinner in America?

What food company helped shape the image of Santa Claus?

Fill in the gaps. As the clock chimes midnight to ring in the New Year,
a Spanish tradition involves eating twelve … – one for each chime.

What country do mince pies come from?

True or False:
Apple and sausage stuffing, red cabbage and potato dumplings are India's traditional dishes.

What country has a Christmas meal called "Le Réveillon de Noël"?

True or False:
The Christmas candy cane is the letter J upside down to remind us of the baby Jesus born on Christmas Day.

What does the white on a candy cane symbolize?

What is a traditional Viennese dessert often served on Christmas in England?

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Thanksgiving Food Trivia

Who was the first President to pardon a turkey?

How many calories on average are consumed, per person, at Thanksgiving dinner?

How many turkeys are being cooked for Thanksgiving in America each year?

True or False: Seafood was ever-present at the first Thanksgiving but is seldom eaten at Thanksgiving now.

Find the extra word on the Thanksgiving meal list: roast turkey, turkey stuffing,
mashed potatoes, shrimps, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce, and a pumpkin pie.

Who created the first Green Bean Casserole?

What country is the largest producer of fresh green beans?

True or False:
Native Americans used to eat cranberries and used them for their fabrics and medicinal purposes.

Complete the sentence. The Pilgrims named the fruit "cranberry" because their drooping heads in the spring reminded them of a …

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