History Trivia for Kids

40+ history trivia questions for kids picked and created by the LogicLike team! Check how well you know the history of America and the World!

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Easy History Trivia Questions and Answers

Where did the Olympic Games originate?

Who invented the telephone?

What is the name of the most famous pyramids?

Who was the first American President?

Which country first used paper money?

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True or False:
Dr. Livingstone became the first European to cross the width of the African continent.

Which country gifted the Statue of Liberty to the USA?

In which town was Jesus born?

In which country are the ancient pyramids located?

What building is on the back of the $20 bill?

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American History for Kids

What city was the first capital of the United States?

Who first discovered America?

When was the Declaration of Independence signed?

What were the names of Columbus' ships?

How long did it take for Titanic to sink?

How many U.S. Presidents have there been?

What year did women receive the right to vote in the United States?

When did the American Civil War end?

What was the deadliest battle in American history?

Who invented the light bulb?

When did the Revolutionary War end?

Who invented baseball?

Which war interrupted construction of the Washington Monument in Washington?

In what American state would you find Denali?

Which state seceded from Virginia in 1863?

Trivia Questions about World History

Who is the father of history?

True or False:
William Shakespeare wrote: "Hamlet" and "Divine Comedy"?

True or False:
The world’s oldest continuously inhabited city is Damascus.

Who invented the first car?

How many years did it take to build the Taj Mahal?

How many wives did Henry VIII have?

Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?

In what year did India gain its independence from Britain?

What are the four great inventions of china?

Where did the Great Fire of London begin?

What color did the North wear?

Who was the president of the Confederate states during the US Civil War?

True or False:
The construction of the Berlin Wall did stop the flood of refugees from North to South.

True or False:
Napoleon got finally overthrown in the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

True or False:
The first trip around the world was made by Christopher Columbus.

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Modern History Trivia

Who was the leader of the Indian independence movement?

Who was the leader of North Vietnam during the Vietnam War?

Who was Lenin's successor?

Who was the founder of Buddhism?

Who was the president of the United States during World War I?

True or False:
The Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 was a direct and dangerous confrontation between the United States and Britain.

Who wrote a famous diary while hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam?

Who won the India Pakistan war of 1965?

Which country did Algeria gain independence?

What money is used in Germany?

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