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Read our scientific and entertaining content by the LogicLike team and boost your mental skills. We write about thinking skills, educational games, brain training. Develop yourself and your children with LogicLike Blog and our engaging brain game.

Educational platform LogicLike.com helps children to build critical thinking, math & logic skills. Adults improve mental abilities and develop ingenuity.

Riddles for kids, teens and adults

The LogicLike team collected over 1,000 riddles of various types and topics. Solve these awesome riddles and logic puzzles and have fun!

Trivia questions and answers

Are you ready to test your memory and intelligence? These collection of trivia questions for kids is an excellent set for a trivia game with your little ones.

21st Century Skills for Learning and Teaching

We collected top fifteen 21st century skills that comprise social, learning, and innovation abilities. The list includes skills every student needs for educational and career success.

Critical thinking

Check out our guide on developing critical thinking skills. The article will be especially useful for parents, but not only.

Creative problem-solving: basics & techniques

Why is creative problem-solving so important? Read-on our article and find out the 7-steps of CPS process and five easy, innovative thinking techniques to use at work.

Analytical thinking skills

Discover why analytical skills matter, examples and must have skills list. Learn how to implement and demonstrate analytical abilities. Examine the best ways to improve your analytical thinking.

Strategic thinking

Learn more about one of the most valuable soft skills required for business management and personnel administration. Recover the three steps on how to think strategically. Learn and use the six killer tips to improve strategic thinking skills.

Logical Reasoning Skills: easy ways to develop & improve

We uncover why logical thinking matters for everyone. You’ll find out practical tips on how to build and improve strong logical thinking skills.

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